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jaegerbootstrap is running, will check it in the morning05:58
frinnstyes that list + xorg-trapproto08:18
frinnstpedja: wanna maintain vte-gtk3?10:22
pedjain contrib? yes10:22
pedjabut there is vte-gtk3 port in contrib already ( Romsters vte3) :)10:28
frinnstno, its in opt and manintaned by sepen?10:38
frinnstor, new name?10:38
pedjaI am not really sure why are there two vte-gtk3 ports, with different names, tbh :)11:14
pedjanothing in opt depends on vte-gtk3(QEMU might, at some point), but sakura in contrib does, so it makes sense to drop it from opt11:17
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pedjaand I can always add it to xfce repo, as xfce4-terminal dependency, so11:20
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pedjastreamlining opt makes sense, given the core maintainer numbers11:25
pedjaimho, core/opt/xorg should only provide a lean, mean, system :) for everything else, contrib11:42
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frinnstis it the same port tho?12:29
frinnstif so, vte3 is extra outdated12:29
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pedjait is. 'Virtual Terminal Emulator widget for gtk3'. but I am curious why Romster made it, instead just updating the opt one13:32
pedjabut he does maintain a lot of ports, so :)13:33
pedjaI can relate to that, I have way too many ports in a couple of repos13:36
pedjarunning 'git status' in few of them is 'oh, fuck, what a mess' experience13:38
pedja(prtverify warnings and errors galore)13:39
pedjapurging them with fire is on my TODO list :)13:40
jaegerfrinnst: in the end, should these be the only proto packages?14:45
jaeger[i] xorg-xorgproto14:45
jaeger[i] xorg-xcb-proto14:45
jaegercool, thanks14:51
jaegerThe bootstrap succeeded but I still need to fix up setup-helper, so will try to get that done today14:51
frinnstpritproto too I think14:51
frinnstand perhaps one more obscure port14:52
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Romsterpedja, at the time i had vte3 in contrib well before sepen made on in opt, sepen never even said a thing to me about mine beforehand. now that sepen seems to be not around i'll fix up vte version 2 and 3 and it's about time i got sakura on vte version 323:23
frinnstso can we delete sepens port then?23:26
pedjaRomster, had no idea about that.23:26
frinnstanyways, please delete sepens port when you feel you have yours up to date23:28
Romsteri'll fix that up this weekend23:28
pedjaand sakura works fine with vte-gtk3, just FYI. I keep it around to compare the performance with xfce4-terminal23:28
Romstersorry i am behind on versions and stuff, work just drains me so much23:28
frinnstno worries, dont overdo it23:28
Romsteri try not to but i seem to have quite the collection23:29
Romsterpedja, so are you gonna sign up for contrib?23:29
frinnstyeah we are short on manpower23:29
Romsterlately i've been more selective on what i maintain23:29
frinnstmaintaining stuff you dont use is close to impossible i find23:30
pedjaRomster, yes. but there is no 'what to bribe people with' article *anywhere* in the wiki :)23:30
frinnstgive me your ssh key and I'll add it23:31
frinnstI dont think anyone here will mind :)23:31
pedjafrinnst, I'll send it to you in the morning, OK?23:32
pedjawould you need my gpg public key thingie, too?23:32
frinnstno just your ssh key23:33
marakuam i trustworthy enough to sign up for contrib? i'd like to take over some of juef's ports (mksh, xsel, and mpv)23:33
frinnstyou should send an application maraku - pedja has been around for years and we all know him very well23:34
frinnstsorry for the double standard :-)23:35
Romsteri already grabbed mpv sorry but i'll let someone else take it if they keep it at the same standards as it is now.23:35
Romsterdo you have a repo already maraku ?23:35
marakuyup, i've sent a couple of emails to contrib-admin, but haven't got any response yet23:36
Romsterit makes it easier to see how well you are at maintaining and prtverify and findredentdeps23:36
Romstersepen was the one doing the portdb stuff then i think tek was23:36
Romsternow it's more like who ever sees it23:37
maraku or
frinnsthmm not sure I get those emails. can you send it to the contrib list?23:37
jaegermaraku: apologies, I tend not to look at those as someone else has maintained the list in the past... but I see you sent one23:38
jaegeri'll forward it23:38
jaegerfrinnst: and I'll add you to the alias if you don't mind23:38
jaegerOh, wait, frinnst responded to the one I see23:38
jaegerfor adding to the portdb23:38
Romsterjaeger, frinnst could one of you add "mesa: mesa3d" to core-3.4 prt-get/prt-get.aliases in23:39
jaegerWas there also a mail about contrib membership?23:39
marakunope, i just sent an email about adding to the portdb23:39
Romsteri think a review of who sees what emails is in order?23:39
jaegerhrmm... frinnst, have passwords changed on recently? Mine no longer works23:40
marakushould i resend the portdb email to crux-contrib? i am signed up for that mailing list23:41
frinnstjaeger: I havent changed anything23:42
jaegerWould you mind resetting my password, then?23:43
pedjaRomster, any plans to move rocksndiamonds to sdl2? I can open FS bug with my patches attached if you want to take a look23:50
frinnstoh misunderstood maraku23:50
frinnstI added a new repo the other day, was that you=23:50
frinnstlooks like I fucked it up though23:50
frinnstyeah that was you. btw my email reply bounced23:52
frinnstmodified it again, hopefully it should appear soon'ish23:55

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