IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-02-10

jaeger <-- thinking about this for the 3.4 setup-helper00:01
jaegerIt's not the prettiest thing but it should avoid reinstalling xorg-xorgproto 24 times00:01
jaegerduring the upgrade00:01
jaegerwhat do you think?00:02
frinnstyeah looks ok00:02
jaegerok. will test with this00:02
jaegerline 6 is a typo, should be xorg-xorgproto00:03
frinnstmaraku: seems didnt like my smtp host. silly00:07
jaegerok, doing one more bootstrap before I actually start testing ISOs00:16
jaegerI think I may go back to using versioned branches in the ISO tree, too. It seemed like a good idea to just use master at the time, but when we're in a transition phase between releases it's not as helpful00:17
jaegeras putting stuff for the new release in the master branch would break the ISO CI builds00:18
jaegerIt's unlikely we'd need to roll another 3.3 ISO at this point but this way the CI can use the 3.3 branch and 3.4 dev can happen in master00:19
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jaegerwhen 3.4 is released, the CI can go back to using master00:19
frinnstyeah sounds good00:19
marakudarn, let me see if i can fix that frinnst... sorry for the issues00:20
frinnstnah its a gmx issue not liking my smtp server and thats not a surprise since i run it from home00:20
frinnstthe portdb cacher had gotten stuck too, but i killed the 2 week old process so it should run again00:21
jaegerdoh... what was it stuck on?00:21
frinnstnot sure. looks like it just gave up00:21
frinnstthe log doesnt really say that much00:21
jaegernormally it times out if a remote site is failing00:26
marakudo you have SPF setup frinnst?00:26
frinnstmaraku: yep but I dont have control over my rDNS records for ipv400:27
marakuah, sad :(00:27
frinnstpoke them to implement ipv6 and all will be good :)00:28
marakuoh no, not change!00:28
frinnst \o/00:29
marakuoh yay, thanks a bunch guys00:29
Romsterdarfo, i remember making vte3 for some person that needed expose_select_text.patch but since vte wont allow this upstream there is another project that does this now.00:35
Romsterah i meant pedja not darfo sorry00:38
marakuall right, i poked 'em frinnst00:38
Romstervte mess is sorted out pedja frinnst02:12
Romsterand i finally updated sakura02:13
Romsteri was lazy to busy to care, it worked (sakura) and didn't like gtk3 at the time due to all the theme changes on every release to even care to bump that.02:14
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Romsterpedja, that's on my to do list, sure open a bug for it, patches are welcome11:46
Romsterpedja, so sakura has no hyperlinks in working for me and i get a:11:47
Romster(sakura:13373): Vte-WARNING **: Failed to translated GRegex: Failed to compile pattern to regex at offset 4:invalid range in character class11:47
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pedjaRomster, I get the same error at sakura start, but I can open hyperlinks (right-click, Open Link)14:04
pedjasame warning with vte-0.51.3, but hyperlinks still work14:58
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