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pedjafrinnst, is 'crux' the username I am supposed to use in ssh config for contrib?14:49
pedjaI get 'Permission denied(publickey)' when I try to clone it14:52
pedjadamn it. wrong url ( one from contrib howto). works fine with a proper one :)14:55
frinnstpro tip; use port 2222 - its not throttled15:02
pedjaexample config at mentions that15:21
pedjait doesn't mention the username or proper URL to use, thou :) (ssh://
frinnstupdated it a bit15:33
pedjaah, so it's 'git' and not 'crux' as username. that was fscking confusing :)15:40
frinnst;a=summary shows the correct url etc too15:41
pedjayeah, I looked there after getting an error with the URL which was in the Howto. thanks for correcting that, btw15:47
pedjano mention of port signing there, thou15:50
frinnstoh right, you need the private key for contrib18:07
frinnstsent you my pubkey18:08
jaegercruxbot seems to be showing 3.4 messages again18:29
pedjaI already have it, pulled it from the keyserver a while back, frinnst :)18:30
frinnstpedja: I dont have yours though18:30
pedjaI can either push it to a keyserver, or send it to you18:30
frinnstboth are a good idea :)18:30
pedjapushed. id is 0x00694510538F5DAB18:32
frinnstwhat server?18:32
frinnstnot finding it, please just send it over18:34
jaegerIt landed on the brexit server18:34
pedjasorry for the delay, the cat needed my attention18:50
frinnstnp, key sent18:51
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pedjawhat's the procedure for adopting orphan port?20:06
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frinnstchange maintainer, edit the wiki20:52
frinnstand provide a blood sacrifice to jaeger20:53
frinnsthe might seem docile and kind. but without the blood he gets angry20:53
pedjaI don't have edit rights for the wiki, but I do have a lot of candidates for a blood sacrifice :)20:53
frinnsti can fix that up later, no worries20:54
jaegerblood for the blood god20:55
pedjaand now I want to watch Blade again20:56
jaegerI was thinking of warhammer 40k but that works, too20:57
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