IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-02-12

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frinnsthave you played anything with 3.4 yet jue?11:17
jueyes, but not the last week11:44
juewill do a bit more with it today :)11:44
frinnstcool. i've replaced a bunch of xorg-proto* ports with a new xorg-xorgproto port. it replaces most of the old proto ports11:47
frinnstand it seems like alsa audio will return again in firefox 59 - it will "only" require rust on the iso if we still want to ship it11:48
frinnstnot ideal and if we have a viable replacement i'd vote for that. but afaik we dont :/11:49
pedjais rust as PITA to build as llvm?11:54
jueI don't see anything that could replace firefox ATM, but good to hear that we can avoid PA ;)11:54
crash_alsa back in ff59 nice news11:56
frinnstit is the single biggest port on my system11:56
frinnstllvm builds quickly11:57
frinnsti'd say its almost as big as chromium11:57
juepedja: btw, I read your comment regards our opt collection: until now opt is _not_ a selection but _the_ collection for the opt maintainers11:57
juekeep in mind that contrib is not a core CRUX project11:57
pedjait's semi-official, thou11:58
pedjathe 'extra stuff' :)11:59
pedjawrt to rust, I am glad that I use the FF binary, so I don't have to suffer thru building it ;)12:00
pedjaspeaking of contrib, any plans to drop all orphan ports from it for 3.4?12:02
pedjaor moving them to the attic/graveyard repo of sorts?12:03
juea clear +1, both is fine for me12:11
juepedja: I've heard that you've joined the contrib team?12:12
Romsternot a bad idea12:16
pedjajue, yes13:11
pedjaI haven't had a chance to fsck something up yet :)13:13
pedjabut the day is young13:14
chinarulezzz_hello everyone)) I was a little conversation with 'moonchildPM' at 'IRC' about future development of 'palemoon'. He said that rust will definitely not be the dependency.13:40
chinarulezzz_Alsa and PA will be supported both.13:41
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frinnstright, im dropping all of sepens contrib port except for "dialog" since its used creating the iso22:46
frinnstdropping from 3.4 only22:47
frinnstsorry, dialog is part of opt22:48
frinnstnotable ports that were removed from contrib was some p5 stuff, virtualbox22:51
jaegerWill take a look and see if there are any I need to adopt22:55
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jaegeryep, already brought it up to look at later :)23:32

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