IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-02-13

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jaegerexim failed in my last bootstrap, of all things... and I didn't even find an error in the log16:42
jaegerthis is the only odd thing I saw:16:46
jaeger*** Your copy of Exim lacks any version information.16:46
jaeger>>> version 4.90_1 #216:46
jaegerAnd it failed in stage 2, not 0 or 116:47
juehmm, that's strange, possibly a problem with parallel build jobs?16:57
juewe had a -j1 in older versions, I removed that because I thought that it works now without it16:58
jaegerPossible, I suppose. If I run into it again, I'll try that17:07
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juehmm, any thoughts about openssl for 3.4? Stick with the LTS 1.0.2 or switch to 1.1.0? With 1.1.0 at least openssh needs a big patch19:44
jaegerI'd be inclined to stick with LTS for something like openssl, so many things use it20:14
jaegerIs there a big benefit to the 1.1.x line?20:15
frinnstI tried 1.1 a while back. it seemed like nothing supported it then20:20
juejaeger: don't think so, but the changelog 1.0.2 -> 1.1.0 is really huge ;)20:33
frinnstI dont think they ever broke compatability like this before20:34
juefrom our ISO ports openssh, fetchmail and wvdial failed20:34
frinnstoh, that sounds a lot better than when I tried it20:34
jueyeah, seems so, guess a lot of other ports would require patches20:34
juethe patch for openssh ->
jaegerI'm not against it, just curious20:37
juewell, I tend to be lazy and using 1.1.0 means additional work, for sure ;)20:38
frinnstI think we can live with 1.0.2 for another year :)20:39
jueyep, my thought as well, 1.0.2 is supported until end of 2019, so ...20:41
juefine, looks like we agree20:43
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