IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-02-16

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pedjasince qemu 3D acceleration is, for now, limited to running (recent enough) Linux distros only, I guess there is no interest in enabling it in qemu port?09:51
frinnsthum, whats required to enable it?09:56
frinnstI can imagine depending on lots of desktop stuff would not be appreciated10:00
pedjavirgl driver in mesa, virglrenderer lib as spice/spice-gtk dependency10:00
frinnstah so its not a qemu dep?10:00
pedjaah, sorry. yes, for gl accelerated virtio-gpu, qemu needs virglrenderer, too10:13
pedjaqemu--> virtio-gpu --> virglrenderer --> mesa virgl driver10:15
pedjaI've been waiting for Xorg to add server side glvnd to try it, since that will allow different drivers for different screens10:22
pedjathat's relevant for Nvidia/mesa combo, it should JustWork[tm] on purely mesa system10:24
frinnstrequiring xorg stuff would be bad since a lot of qemu installs are on headless systems10:27
frinnstwell we already have 2 qemu ports :)10:28
pedjayeah, didn't think of headless systems, tbh :)10:37
pedjaIntels ClearLinux has a couple of qemu variants, minimal one and with ALL THE FEATURES! :)10:39
pedjamine is opt/qemu + ARM (+ Pulseaudio :) )10:42
pedjais adding 'feature' branches to contrib repo frowned upon? if the port update requires adding several ports and not just bumping the version?10:48
pedjafor instance, switching rocksndiamonds to sdl210:49
frinnstcould be nice. but I can imagine the horrors when someone stops maintaining something etc12:41
pedjaI was thinking more about something like poor man's PR12:56
pedjaonce the testing is done, that branch gets merged and goes the way of the dodo13:00
frinnstah, branches.. sorry read it as a new repo13:23
pedjaI understand. It's Friday, you just want to go home, brew a cup of coffee, pour yourself a glass of single malt and chill :)13:37
frinnstdamn right. struggling to keep awake14:26
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