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john_cephalopodaOh, yeah, seems like it :รพ00:10
jaegerYou don't have to have all of the optional stuff but the required ones you should add to your config00:11
jaegerRomster: enchant 2.2.3 is available, contrib/enchant is 2.2.1 currently00:22
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RomsterJanuary 3, 2018: Enchant 2.2.1 released.01:46
Romstersite is old...
jaeger2.2.2 and 2.2.3 aren't very old01:47
Romsteropt/hunspell is at 1.6.2 since 2017 and alan hasn't updated.01:54
Romsteri need to get on top of my version checking again. but i still question how active some of the maintainers are due to flyspray bugs02:05
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fun_If someone is wondering what other ports can be added to contrib, here is a list based on the number of repositories:
j_vfun_: can you try to trim my unpublished repos from that list?14:47
j_vi see j_v_old, j_v_haskell... i don't mind anyone accessing those, but they are not really meant for general consumption14:49
pedjafun_, could you remove ports that are already in core/opt/contrib from that list? good job, btw14:49
j_vyeah, agree with pedja, nice work14:50
pedjawith the work going into contrib these days, I can drop quite a few ports that I maintained in private repo (yes, I am a lazy bastard) :)14:53
j_vi like working with lazy people... usually find the quickest, easiest way to do things14:54
jaegerdarfo: you could take some of the work out of maintaining a mail server with or other similar projects14:59
pedjawith my limited resources (both brain-wise and computer-wise), I am used to finding a most efficient method to do things14:59
pedjathat, and I am part German ;)15:00
pedjawhat's the trickiest part of running a mail server, spam or not getting on Google's bad side?15:23
fun_Without core opt xorg contrib
fun_And without j_v_*
j_vah, very nice. i was just about to mention the wendy port. thanks, fun_. and really nice work.15:42
j_vi notice that Maximillian Dietrich hasn't made a commit since 2015, and his portdb ports haven't been updated since 2013. can i assume that those his contrib ports are up for grabs?15:44
j_vthat list is really nice... i see several from my j_v repo that i should retire, make private, or pull into contrib.15:57
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frinnstyes they are16:27
j_vok, cool... that will help me get rid a bunch of private and/or dupe ports i use16:28
frinnsthmm, those should be listed16:28
frinnstanyways, go nuts! :-)16:28
j_vah, now that is a short trip for me to take ;)16:28
darfojaeger: mailu looks interesting17:03
jaegerI've been meaning to try it at some point, haven't had time yet17:26
pedjaI am curious about any plans you might have for opt/pulseuadio for 3.419:31
pedjait's outdated, and using deprecated version of bluez (4.x)19:32
j_v`find /usr/ports/contrib -name .footprint | xargs grep -l 'usr/man' | wc -l` returns 13419:59
fun_Opt has only 520:08
fun_According to
j_vmany of the ports i have my on need mandir update, so that should trim the number down a little20:09
j_vs/my on/my eye on/20:10
fun_There is check_urls.html too, showing source problems even in contrib20:10
j_vyou know, i'm glad you mentioned that... i should keep that bookmarked. i've looked at that plenty of times, but not very recently20:14
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fun_You could subscribe to crux-reports instead, j_v20:43
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jaegerIf Alan is no longer active or retires, I'll take over pulseaudio20:49
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frinnstI sent him a patch for openntpd earlier in the week. no reply yet21:07
j_vfun_: thanks! can't believe i missed that one when i subscribed to most of the other lists. nice.21:08
Henschifun_: where can I find the kf5 repository?21:20
Henschishit, this repo isn't documented on crux site :-(21:28
fun_Maybe for a good reason. Hehe21:37
Henschifor a good reason? i had my kde5 repo added21:39
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fun_Exactly. One is enough :)21:58
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