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Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/fbreader#0.99.4-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.07:22
Romstersomeone derped07:22
RomsterACTION pokes pedja 07:24
frinnstnoob! :D07:27
Romsteri have a romster/fbreader port to with a few other patches07:27
frinnstseems imagemagick removed the source for ImageMagick-7.0.7-22.tar.xz08:06
frinnstreplaced with ImageMagick-7.0.7-23.tar.xz08:06
Romsterthey do that a lot08:06
Romsterwhat path is it on? some projects only keep the most recent version in recent/ and archive/ has them all older versions08:07
Romsterand why aren't we using
Romsterwe have our mirrors for the older versions anyways08:11
Romsterfrinnst, can i do the unthinkable and bump it to 23?08:13
frinnsti wouldnt bother.08:15
frinnstjue probably has a patch for it already08:15
Romsteri'd wanna change the url to jue <<08:35
Romsterwho uses ftp anymore.08:35
Romsterbesides mesa....08:35
Romsterwell actually mesa doesn't need to even they got
Romsterlast time i looked mesa didn't have http(s)08:40
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fun_Mesa is on too10:30
Romsterah a mirror though11:40
Romstercheers jue for imagemagick11:41
pedjathanks, Romster :)12:19
pedjaI'll take a look at the patches in your fbreader port12:20
pedjaLinux fbreader is basically unmaintained at this point, the developer concentrates on Windows/iOS/Android ports these days, afaik12:22
Romsterthat sucks we need some love to.12:33
frinnstwhats fbreader? sounds like facebook :(12:35
pedjae-book reader(epub etc)12:35
pedjaironically, Linux has much better PDF than e-book readers, so I converted quite a few of mine to pdf12:39
Romsterfacebook are you serious frinnst -_-12:41
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Romsteroh yeah if your not aware pedja we joke a lot12:43
j_vThere are several forks of gconf floating around (mine being of them). Does anyone have any objections with me ressurecting that port? I realize that I could probably 'just do it'. But I notice that it was dropped back in 2014 and I don't know the circumstances.17:19
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j_vActually, I think I will instead work on finding workarounds in my own ports to get rid of my need for gconf. It's been deprecated for a long time anyways, so perhaps my time would be better spent purging it on my own end.18:28
j_vSorry for the noise.18:28
pedjathe only reason I keep gconf around is google-chrome18:36
j_vI wasn't aware if chrome needing gconf, but then I've never really delved into chrome build procedure, either. Is it an optional dependency?18:39
pedjaUpstream binary requires it18:40
pedjaand I should really update my gconf port, it's ooooold :)18:41
j_vrealistically, all of them that are published are too, there were some fixes in gconf git before it was abandoned/deprecated by gnome project18:42
j_vI was starting to fix up port of it, but was realizing that it would be unlikely to make it work for everyone (or even most everyone)18:44
pedjawhat do you mean by 'unlikely to make it work'?18:45
j_vI mostly needed for openjdk port, or thought I did. I'm working on fixing that. And also going to archive my icedtea-web, rhino, and xulrunner ports... that will remove my needs for gconf18:45
pedjalucky you :)18:46
j_vwell, i see some depend on gtk/gtk3, some on polkit, some on gobjectintrospection... etc, etc18:46
j_vi will need to rework my openjdk ports before crux goes to 3.4 anyways, because gcc7 removed gcj.18:48
j_vmainly, i need to decide how i'm going to bootstrap an initial jdk from source. one option will be to rework my current gcj-jdk port to be stand alone instead of installing along side the core gcc installation.18:52
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Henschihello all: what is the prefered location for xdg directory in crux? the xorg default directory /etc/xdg or /usr/etc/xdg?19:45
fun_The only 2 ports from opt use usr/etc/xdf19:51
fun_openbox and at-spi2-core19:52
fun_While midori, libfm and pcmanfm from contrib use /etc/xdg.19:54
fun_I see that you use /etc in kde519:56
j_vto me, it seems like usr/etc/xdg would be better, but that is mainly preference. my luakit port currently installs to /etc/xdg, but i've been meaning to adjust that.19:57
john_cephalopoda/usr/etc sounds like it shouldn't exist.19:57
john_cephalopodaThere's /etc, which has all configuration. If I want to find a config, I'd look there.19:58
Henschi/etc/xdg works out of the box without extra configuration19:59
fun_Statistically, in all the repos I have, /usr/etc/xdg is about 55-60÷19:59
fun_Maybe less20:00
j_vwell, to me, i would be nice if one or the other was used, or perhaps one was made to be a symlink to the to other. that way, it would be easier to migrate to a default20:04
fun_Doesn't symlinks cause warnings when a package with files in it is removed? lib64 is one case20:06
j_vhmmm, i think you are right. not sure the best way to handle it. but i think having both is confusing at best.20:07
Henschiif crux should use /usr/etc/xdg, than we would have to set XDG_CONFIG_DIRS environment. xorg explanation: "If $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS is either not set or empty, a value equal to /etc/xdg should be used."20:09
j_vah, good one. so stands to reason /etc/xdg would be most standard compliant to default to, and possibly less work to work around.20:11
fun_Locking in the pkgfiles of these 5 ports from opt and contrib, only libfm and pcmanfm sets something ( syaconfigdir=/etc ) . The others go with the defaults.20:14
fun_I've found opt/openbox moves some files from /usr/share/doc/ to usr/etc/xdg20:17
fun_I see XDG_CONFIG_DIRS is a set of directories.20:20
fun_So, it could be set to /etc/xdg:/usr/etc/xdg20:21
fun_This is done. Any other problems?:)20:22
Henschifun_: currently no other problems20:25
fun_Playing with 78 repos, from which only 53 are published on, there are 6845 ports, 4922 unique, with 7900 urls to download, 7200 unique and 900 fails to download.20:38
fun_There might be more ports than the current Crux users.20:39
fun_While I have ports without updates in the last 3 years, I wonder about how many users Crux had from Per until these days.20:40
pedjaACTION has been using Crux since 0.97(?) days20:46
pedjaACTION is old20:46
pedjaFreedesktop spec states that the default configuration directory for applications is "/etc/xdg/$app/"20:48
pedja'man hier' states that the etc/xdg and usr/etc/xdg are both valid20:50
j_vACTION started using linux with slackware 3.3, and i got that off an old walnut creek cdrom. but i didn't start using crux until 3.0 or 3.1, i forget which. not sure which of us is older.20:51
pedjabut 'programs should always look for these files in /etc and you may have links for these files to /usr/etc'20:51
john_cephalopodapedja: "However, commands should always reference those files using  the  /etc  directory."20:51
pedjayes. so?20:52
john_cephalopodaSo I guess those shouold be symlinked.20:52
pedjaor ports modified to use etc20:53
pedjaoverriding the upstream preference20:53
john_cephalopodaDecisions like that should flow into prtverify, so it can warn about those things.20:54
pedjait's not an error, both dirs are valid20:55
pedjaand XDG_CONFIG_DIRS points to both, so20:55
fun_The jmf's gene says it must be order still :)20:59
pedjaI always considered 'usr/etc' more appropriate for desktop-y stuff, and 'etc' for base system daemons/configuration20:59
pedjabut I really don't care, tbh21:00
Henschiofftopic: i started with suse linux 5.2 or 5.3 in 1998 and changed 2003 to crux 1.2.  ! 20 years boah21:01
Henschii have to check if the crux 1.2 cd is still running21:02
fun_Henschi, do you use any other distros?21:04
Henschifun_: debian as minimum system with additional crux port system on my server21:07
Henschifun_: and currently centos at work21:08
pedjaI think I have a Docker image of every major Linux distribution. they are quite handy.21:13
Henschipedja: and what do you made with this docker images?21:18
fun_Btw, is march=x86_64 still needed in pkgmk.conf?21:20
pedjaHenschi, nothing fancy, tbh. bulk file conversion, mostly.21:25
pedjait's much easier to spin up a container, install, say, calibre and whatever, bind mount a directory into it, and convert epub's to pdf, than trying to package all that for Crux :)21:26
fun_You need only badrock linux, pedja21:29
pedjaI am building a pipeline to extract text from scanned PDF's, which involves OCR, imagemagick, a bit of Python, that kind of thing21:30
pedjafun_, nah, I'll stick to what I know, and leave that new and shiny distros to young people :)21:32
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darfoThe CRUX handbook mentions /etc and /usr/etc22:17
darfo has some mention of /etc and obliquely covers /usr/etc under /usr22:22
darfoCRUX moved in the direction of FHS with the change of /usr/man to /usr/share/man but iirc it was not discussed in those terms22:24
darfobut rather the fact that configure scripts were mostly default mandir to /usr/share/man22:25
darfoand some of us got tired of forgetting to use mandir=/usr/man when building new ports22:25
john_cephalopodaprtverify warns about that though.22:45
jaegerI don't really like /usr/etc, myself, but it hasn't bothered me enough to make it a problem22:45
john_cephalopodajaeger: go is broken btw.23:17
jaegerknown bug, it'll be different on most machines, sadly23:26
jaegerI could force modes on all those files like some of the others in the Pkgfile but I dislike doing too much of that23:26
jaegerOn my laptop I get no mismatch. On a build VM I get 2 files mismatching23:27
jaegerOn another VM, just 123:27
jaegerEven better, SOMETIMES it differs between builds on the same host23:27
Worksteryeah i don't know wwht go footprint is off on some of my machines and on others it's fine...23:27
jaegerYeah, very annoying. It works fine either way but it's annoying23:29
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Worksteryou could just omit them files manually out of the .footprint file?23:30
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jaegerI don't think manual edits of a footprint file are ever a good idea23:31
jaegerThat undermines the point of a footprint file entirely23:31
jaegerWith that said, I wouldn't mind if we didn't use footprints23:31
john_cephalopodaBut prtverify would fail on that.23:34
jaegerIf I ever get around to writing my version of pkgutils, footprints would probably be on my list to investigate removing23:34
jaegerIt would still be interesting to know if something changed, like adding cups support to an application or similar, but not for it to be a full stop in the process23:37
john_cephalopodaWell, it can be configured away.23:39
jaeger <-- here's a build from one of the VMs23:39
john_cephalopodaA Heisenbug :þ23:40
jaegerTry it on 10 machines, it'll like be different 7 times :P23:41
john_cephalopodaGot to work tomorrow. Night.23:43
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pedjajaeger, may I suggest a feature for your version of pkgutils :)? keeping working directory after build failure by default23:57
pedjaI know i can pass '-kw' to pkgmk for the same behaviour, but it would be nice if it was the default, imho23:59

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