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jaegerCan anyone verify that contrib/rtorrent has a signature and md5sum mismatch?00:30
pedjajaeger, yes00:34
jaegerok, thanks00:34
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jaegerSo more random data points - I rebuilt VM1 from the sheet entirely from scratch. New VM, new crux install, new kernel config, etc. - it now builds go without trouble using fakeroot04:45
jaegerI also build a new qemu/KVM VM on my mac pro (running crux, not mac os) with a fresh install, new kernel, etc. - it built 100 times with fakeroot without any trouble04:46
jaegerso fucking bizarre04:46
darfowell, I did learn a lot about fakeroot. Pretty cool idea but the code isn't pretty.05:06
j_vwe could maybe go round in circles trying to find the actual failure point05:07
j_vmaybe it's time to put it to bed, unless it crops up again? just a thought.05:07
darfoi am ready for that. I can't reproduce the problem. as much as fakeroot gets used this is the first time I've heard of any problem related to it.05:10
darfokudos to jaeger for that spreadsheet and the work it represents05:11
jaegerheh, thanks.05:21
jaegerYeah, I think I'm done looking into it for now. Was interesting but I still don't have a clear answer...05:21
jaegerI think it must be a kernel option but that's as clear as it is for now05:22
darfoi though the BUGS section in man waked(1) was ominous05:26
darfoThe opacity of the go bootstrap/compile is not promising either05:27
j_vheh, just wish could have helped you find the actual culprit, but if the symtoms are no longer presenting themselves, seems a tough nut to crack.05:52
j_vthat spread sheet was pretty nifty. a nice way to organized you efforts.05:53
j_vguess I'm too tired. g'night all05:54
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juewell, 3.4 seems quite stable for me16:39
jueconverted my desktop and laptop to it without any problems so far16:40
jaegerI'm planning to install on a physical machine this weekend16:41
j_vi have a chroot/container setup of 3.4, i should update it and transfer that on to a VM to give a whirl16:41
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frinnstjaeger: did you build an iso? I must have missed that22:46
jaegerI did. It's not tested yet AT ALL so I won't upload it yet, but hoping to this weekend23:42
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marakuso i recently got access to contrib... i'm thinking of adopting mksh and xsel23:52
marakuare there any specific steps other than add the entries to ck4up + change maintainer in Pkgfile + update sig?23:53

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