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jaegermaraku: if you've got git access, that should be good, yeah00:04
marakucool! i've updated xsel and mksh... let me know if i've broken anything :)01:40
jaegerlooks alright at a glance01:42
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Romstermaraku, be sure to take it off the wiki oprhoned ports if they are listed there.02:29
j_vRomster, is there a separate page for contrib orphaned ports? only one i've found only lists ports from opt03:30
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frinnstj_v: check the wiki history. I wiped all of sepens ports from contrib/3.4 recently and then removed it from the wiki11:34
frinnstits also very possible to move something from opt to contrib11:35
john_cephalopodaWhat's the difference between opt and contrib?11:37
john_cephalopodaopt is on the iso, so it's probably common programs?11:38
frinnstcontrib is maintained by folks in contrib11:38
frinnstopt ports cannot depend on contrib ports, too11:39
j_vfrinnst: there are a bunch of sepen's old ports in opt that I wouldn't mind adoptining. what would i need to do get started with that?11:46
j_vadopting, even11:46
frinnstlist them and me or someone else can remove them from opt on your signal :-)11:47
j_vok, i'll start working on that today. thanks for the help.11:48
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marakuso i read the backlog about the contrib orphaned ports list... so do i need to take off the ports from a list?16:27
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j_vmaraku: i don't think so. above, frinnst mentioned that he wiped all of sepens ports from contrib in 3.4 branch and then removed that from the wiki.17:02
j_vso i think we are both good for what we have done so far17:03
pedjaI hate when a project doesn't roll a tarball, but recommends to either pull from git or use the distro package17:21
pedjas/hate/get annoyed/17:22
j_vit is very annoying17:26
j_vhell, even if such projects would just add some tags once in while it would create a nice target to grab a snapshot for17:28
fun_Which one, pedja? Can't get a git snapshot ?17:30
pedjafun_, it's a self-hosted(afaict) git repo. no browsing it, no snapshots :)17:32
fun_And probably without mirrors17:33
pedjarolling a tarball is trivial. the real issue is me, being a lazy bastard, not setting up some kind of hosting yet :)17:36
fun_I roll no tarball. Adding a tah is enough on github17:40
pedjawell, not all source is hosted on GH17:43
fun_Hehe. Yet. Right.17:51
fun_repo.or.gz also have snapshot support17:52
john_cephalopodaAlso dumb when the download page only contains links to the binary packages.18:28
j_vIf I can't find source, I usually look for something comparable18:31
john_cephalopodaUsually I have to go to the "Development" section, look for the git, and when it's github, it has release tarballs usually.18:45
j_vbetter than some binary blob19:04
jaegerOK, I've successfully installed and upgraded both BIOS and UEFI installations with 3.419:29
jaegerA test ISO is uploading now.19:30
jaegerGoing to eat lunch, will give a link when it's available19:36
john_cephalopodaOh god, upgrading will be the horror...20:12
john_cephalopodaI use UEFI. That stuff is complex as hell.20:12
jaegerI find it pretty easy but I've been using it for years20:14
john_cephalopodaI never really got into that low-level stuff and find it hard to understand.20:16
pedjafire up a VM and play :)20:16
john_cephalopodaVMs got BIOS and/or UEFI?20:17
pedjayou can choose which one you want to use20:17
pedjaQEMU UEFI is a bit simplistic, granted20:18
pedjathanks, jaeger20:19
jaegerGood luck! hehe20:20
j_vthanks, jaeger20:21
pedjatime to make 3.4 Docker image, to test if my crap builds20:22
pedjaand when I say crap, I refer mostly to consolekit2 and friends20:23
jaegers/crap/QUALITY PORTS/20:24
j_vI've still got a 3.4 container that I upgraded from 3.3, and I've got a 3.4 that I installed manuall on VM. both working good. Still, will be good to give the iso a spin.20:24
pedjaports are fine, the software is crappy :)20:25
pedjaJavascript engine to parse configuration files? worst.idea.ever20:26
jaegerheh, fair20:26
jaegeryay, I managed to install arch properly on my first try... haven't used it in years20:36
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pedja3.4 Docker image is only ~30Mb bigger than 3.3. not bad :)21:14
j_v3.4 installed on qemu VM without a hitch. rebuilding core as a build test. going smooth.21:29
j_vThat was bios install using extlinux for boot. After I take a break, I'll give a run using UEFI and boot using syslinux UEFI loader.21:34
jaegerCool. All reports are welcome21:35
jaegerI've not had good luck with UEFI syslinux, myself, crux or otherwise21:35
j_vI've played with quite a bit a few years back. I vaguely remember that once I figured out what I was doing wrong, everything went smooth as silk. Too bad it cost me some hair and added some gray hairs to what remained.21:37
jaegerheh, I know the feeling21:38
john_cephalopoda- CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_IPVS: missing21:58
john_cephalopodaAny clue in which menu that one hides?21:58
john_cephalopodaI searched the menu that '/' told me it was in, but it was simply not there.21:58
j_vnetworking/netfilter/xtables sounds like a likely bet, but not sure... what kernel are you configuring?21:59
pedjathat looks familiar. I think you have to enable something that it depends on before it shows up21:59
john_cephalopodaI looked through the stuff it depends on, but maybe I missed something.22:00
john_cephalopodaKernel is 4.15.422:00
pedjais 'IP virtual server support' enabled?22:01
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: if it's not showing up in the section it should be, look at the dependencies22:02
jaegersomething it needs won't be enabled22:02
jaegerSince you said you did that, I'm guessing it's just that you missed one22:02
jaegerSorry, I should read the whole conversation before replying. :)22:02
pedjakernel config system is...interesting...22:03
pedjaI'll just wait for Linus to get angry enough and rewrites it in a week :)22:04
j_vnetwork/netfilter/core_netfilter_config/  ... need to page down a few, under '*** Xtables matches ***' section, it's labeled '"ipvs" match support'22:07
j_vthe page menuconfig page I'm looking at has it between '"iprange" address range match support' and '"l2tp" match support'22:10
john_cephalopodaAh, I remember seeing those two but not the ipvs match support, so I probably just oversaw a configuration option that it depended on.22:19
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frinnst690mb? damn we are getting very bloated23:54
frinnstI should start cleaning up a rust port...23:54
frinnstanother ~75mb right there23:55

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