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john_cephalopodafrinnst: Uninstall everything, use suckless tools only  ;)00:00
frinnstsuckless has a browser right? it uses webkit right?00:01
john_cephalopodaBetter use lynx. :þ00:01
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pedjasomeone suggested moving configuration files from usr/etc to etc. I agree, this is getting fscking confusing :)14:14
pedjaconsolekit2 installs a bunch of files, but takes only one sysconfdir as argument, so it gets messy real fast14:16
j_vit sure would be more consistent, making it easier to keep various stuff in sync14:36
pedjayes. polkit, consolekit and dbus should be moved to '/etc', imho14:46
frinnstand /etc gets crowded as fu*16:50
frinnstimho more things should live in /usr/etc16:50
j_vis there a way to try to get it so that things aren't in conflict or at odds? like with /etc/xdg vs /usr/etc/xdg.16:52
j_vI'd hate to see it be some quazi political thing16:52
frinnstit is defined in the documentation. /etc is for system configs and daemons. /usr/etc is for everything else16:57
frinnstgranted, its not really enforced16:58
jaegeryeah...I understand why they're separated, just don't think it gains us anything, really16:59
john_cephalopodafrinnst: What kind of stuff has a config in /etc and isn't a system-wide daemon of some sorts?17:44
frinnstI have a lot of old crap in my /etc17:45
john_cephalopodaI don't see much stuff, except for some skeleton files that end up being copied into ~/17:45
frinnstpasswdqc.conf (my own port), spacefm, wodim.conf etc etc17:46
john_cephalopodaSpacefm isn't even supported any more :þ17:48
pedjafrinnst, consolekit and dbus are daemons, so their configuration files should be in etc/ then, right?19:06
pedjapulseaudio, too19:07
pedjaand 'man hier' suggests symlinks from 'usr/etc' to 'etc/', which defeats the point of having both of them, then19:18
j_vfrinnst: I've just about finished making up my list of those unmaintained opt ports I'm interested in adopting.19:32
j_vwill a paste be suitable for that?19:32
jaegerI'd like to see the list before you adopt just in case any of them are ISO ports19:35
j_vjaeger: no problem, take your time... I'm in no rush19:37
frinnstdo you have a commit ready to go?19:37
jaegerlibidl reiserfsprogs wireless-tools yasm <-- these are all on the ISO19:38
j_vfrinnst: no, been pretty busy, but I can do the cosmetics for changing the maintainer if you would like19:38
j_vjaeger: I was only looking at them to see they don't go away right now19:38
jaegerI get that... I just mention it because the ISO doesn't use contrib at all19:39
j_vyep, I'll update the list. uno momento19:39
frinnstright, leave those in opt then19:40
jaegerotherwise I have no objections19:40
jaegerWe should probably just move those 4 ports over to the system team19:41
j_vrevised list:
jaegerreiserfsprogs is already system team, actually19:42
jaegerbut the other 3 aren't19:42
jaegeroh, maybe reiserfsprogs wasn't in your list.19:45
jaegergrep serf matched it19:45
jaegersorry for the confusion19:45
frinnstI wonder who uses reiserfs these days19:45
pedjaare libwnck/libwnck-gtk3 spoken for? some parts of xfce depend on libwnck19:45
j_vpersonally, I was hoping someone else would take those up, I grabbed a bunch already and I don't picture me needing those any time soon19:47
j_vdesktop environments really aren't my cuppa19:48
pedjaafaict, nothing apart from xfce4-panel/session  depend on them, so it can be dropped from opt, and I can push them to contrib after some testing19:50
j_vi notice that libsdl2 is already maintained by jue19:58
j_vsorry I missed that before19:58
jaegeroops, heh20:00
jaegerI'm going to make a compat-32 3.4 branch today, we'll need that soon20:44
jaegershould I remove the 3.4 notifications from cruxbot again? I'm thinking tek made that change locally but maybe forgot to do it in gitolite since it's not there anymore20:52
pedjaI really should hack up 'scream if the .signature isn't correct' pre-commit hook, this is getting embarrassing...20:55
frinnstyeah please. It probably got whiped when I added pedja21:05
frinnstACTION blames pedja 21:05
jaegerCould be21:06
frinnstwiped, whipped. one or the other21:06
jaegerI suppose either could make sense in this case :P21:07
pedjaone is more enjoyable than the other, thou21:07
jaegerok, hopefull that should have done it21:14
jaegerhopefully, even21:15
frinnstjust merged 3.3, cruxbot was quiet \o/21:16
pedjaACTION starts a countdown until..someone...fucks the cruxbot up again21:18
jaegerwell, the change is in git now so it should survive another push21:20
pedjathat sounds like a challenge21:21
pedjathe real challenge, tho, is building a kernel before gregkh unleashes a next one. I am *so* close21:25
pedjabad timing on my part, I guess21:26
jaegerdoes anyone use apulse? I just noticed there's an apulse-32 in compat-32 but no apulse. Can I remove compat-32/apulse-32?21:46
jaegerfound that while writing a little helper script to compare versions in compat-32 with their 64-bit counterparts21:48
jaeger                     port:   64b ver:   32b ver:21:49
jaeger                 alsa-lib:      1.1.5      9.9.921:49
jaeger                   mesa3d:     99.3.5     17.3.521:49
jaegerused fake version numbers to check that it was working21:49
j_vi'm using apulse from 6c37 repo21:51
j_vbut I don't anticipate needing a 32bit copy of it, personally21:52
jaegerIt looks like contrib/skype depends on it, I guess that makes sense21:52
pedjaiirc, the latest skype is 64bit, nodejs based22:04
jaeger is the script22:06
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jaegerAnother question for which I don't recall the answer: why is xterm in opt instead of xorg?23:08
j_voops, i don't this window will give me a new partition on my qemu efi crux install23:34
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