IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-02-26

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jaegerfrinnst: it looks like the 3.4 check was in the hook until 2018-02-10 - that jives with when you added pedja04:45
Worksterslightly modified04:59
jaegeryeah, I still have the original around, which only checked installed ports04:59
jaegerWorkster: if you're interested, here's a patch to update gcc-fortran to match gcc in 3.4:
jaegerI've not tested anything other than that it builds05:05
jaegerneeded it for fftw05:05
Worksteri'll check it after work05:08
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pedjamtr shows huge packet loss few hops before is it just from my neck of the woods?12:23
pedjaport update is slooooooow :)12:24
frinnststable 35ms here13:21
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pedjaping is ~70ms now, and ports update is normal. I wonder what happened there13:40
groovy2shoesopt/imagemagick is broke:  new version 7.0.7-24 came out yesterday, and the tarballs for the previous version are gone15:58
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frinnstgroovy2shoes: they tend to do that with every release. annoying as hell16:22
groovy2shoesyeah, I bet16:22
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j_vjaeger: I finally managed to get a efi instance installed onto a qemu vm and looks good17:36
jaegernice, thanks for the report17:36
j_vI did notice a warning, just before the grub menu popped up, something about a missing entry or something. can't be too serious, because it booted and everything went fine.17:37
jaegerOn a side note, I've been thinking about resurrecting the unofficial netinst17:38
jaegerYeah, that wouldn't be too surprising. grub can be chatty before the menu and especially on EFI17:38
jaegerand everyone's EFI implementation is somewhat different :P17:38
j_vyeah, that's why I wasn't to concerned, just thought I should mention it. Also, it is the ovmf firmware from tianocore. I should do up a howto on using that to boot qemu images, because the stuff I found googling was pretty fragmented17:40
jaegerSame one for doing vfio passthrough builds, yeah. I never tried it for regular VMs but it worked fine for the VFIO passthrough setup back when I had that system17:41
j_vCool. Never messed with passedthrough, though I've intended to, just haven't gotten 'round2it' (tm)17:43
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Henschipedja: libcanberra build only with "make -j1" on multi processor systems. Please add this in our new contrib port.18:17
pedjaHenschi, builds fine on my dual core18:19
j_vmaybe an unknown optional depend that causes build to fail when -j > 1?18:20
pedjahard the tell without error log :)18:22
pedjaHenschi, try 'make -j1 DESTDIR=$PKG install'18:27
pedja' file not recognized: File format not recognized' wth18:28
Henschiwith -j1, no error occurs18:30
pedjaok. I'll push the update soon-ish. thanks :)18:30
jaegerI've run into that sometimes in the past, too. Doesn't happen every time but it's annoying. -j1 does fix it18:31
pedjayou and your fast, multi-core machines :)18:32
Henschipedja: thanks18:32
john_cephalopodapedja: That error sounds like it tries to link a 32-bit lib into a 64 bit executable or something.18:33
pedjalibtool is weird that way sometimes18:34
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