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j_vfor that question I had the other day about 'prt-get --install-root', I have an initial patch that I testing:
j_vIt still needs more adjustment for loading the pkgdb05:25
j_vI'm finding some unchecked failure points, like using the return value from opendir without checking for error (NULL), so I need to spend some time looking at that also05:38
j_vtwo more: and
j_vMy current changes to prt-get can also be accessed at and pulled from using
fun_j_v: don't forget about --config06:55
fun_I'm guessing that pkgadd and prt-get supports an install destination dir for cases when you mount a rootfs. The config doesn't have to be on that root, but an alternate config file can be specified.06:57
groovy2shoesRomster, it was easy enough to change $version in the Pkgfile *this* time, but I'm sure that will come in handy!  thanks :)12:13
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j_vfun_: good point, --config already exists, but I should make sure my changes haven't broken it. an explicit --config file should override one on --install-root. thanks.13:57
j_vfun_: What I was looking for was that if install root is specified, the config be from that install root, unless an explicit config is specified. Also to ensure that when install root is used that stuff like the cache and the pkgdb are gotten from the install root, also.15:25
j_vyes, pkgadd does support the -r|--root option, and if used, it reads its config from that root, so basically I'm looking for the same thing in prt-get.15:29
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