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jaegerpedja: very odd. sure, give me a minute or two20:28
pedjatake your time :)20:29
pedjafairly similar to mine, minus the segfault20:37
jaegerBummer, I was hoping something obviuous would stand out20:39
pedjaheh, me too20:40
pedjait doesn't make sense, but I am not nearly smart enough to dig thru xorg code to see how is it using nvidia driver when glvnd is enabled20:47
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pedjalibrary dependency chain is, I guess, the same, in both cases, so the question is why it works with old school way and breaks with glvnd20:51
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pedjahas anyone else tried it? that would give another data point20:52
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jaegerI don't think anyone has besides you and me21:02
pedjano one else is foolish^brave enough, I guess :)21:05
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jaegerAlan responded to my pulseaudio patch and said he'll be testing 3.4 soon21:49
pedjateK_, contrib/mpd is broken with libcdio-2.0, apparently22:08
pedjafixed upstream in 0.20.1622:09
pedjafrinnst, does this mean what I think it means?
pedjaunless they fix it, pulseaudio is a mandatory dep for FF build?22:20
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frinnstbuild firefox without audio then i guess, atleast for the iso and as an option in opt23:24
frinnstbtw jaeger, i've pushed firefox 58 and rust to 3.423:24
jaegerLet's just remove everything that's not core from the ISO :P23:25
frinnstif you want to test how much longer it will take to bootstrap :)23:25
frinnstalso pushed a pa version of firefox23:42
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