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jaegerstill compiling rust01:30
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Workstermy net is a yoyo at home i can't even start on crux 3.4 yet.... really annoyed05:22
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frinnstfun times jaeger07:46
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chinarulezzz_jaeger, frinnst: maybe we'll switch to palemoon? Their dev told me that they do not plan to leave rust as a mandatory dependency. And pulseaudio will be optional.10:42
frinnstnever tried it. Do you have a port for palemoon?11:24
pedjathis palemoon?
chinarulezzz_a have not :) but by evening it will be.11:33
chinarulezzz_I tried PM on other systems. All is ok.11:34
pedjachinarulezzz_, be sure to read this before you port it :)11:35
frinnstI contacted mozilla regarding this very issue a few years ago. Just wanted to get an "yeah fine, we dont care" or "fuck no, stop that now!"11:37
frinnstthey never replied11:37
frinnstI suppose its only an issue on our ISO, since we dont distribute binaries otherwise11:38
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pedjaand even that is just tweaking the build to use system libraries, or disable some things, nothing major.11:47
pedjaafaict, all the distributions are doing something similar11:48
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frinnstnot using the offical branding is fair enough but their reaction is very offputting11:53
pedjayeah, and they are dropped from pretty much every *BSD now because of that11:57
pedjahostile upstream? no one needs that particular headache :)11:59
pedjait's a nice idea, don't get me wrong, but they are no longer a replacement for FF but yet another browser12:01
chinarulezzz_Np. As you decide, it will :) I didn't think from a distribution point of view.12:08
dlcusaRe: the Pake Moon browser--be aware of a month ago.  The devs escalated this issue extremely quickly, losing good will beyond OpenBSD in the process.12:43
dlcusaAh, I see Pedja already pointed that out.12:44
dlcusaWhat about Iridium>12:45
juefrinnst: did you tests with automake 1.16?13:04
frinnstno, havent been brave enough yet13:13
frinnstthough I wonder what we gain by upgrading (from a package managers perspective)13:13
frinnstports needing automake are more likely to break. most ports dont use it at all13:14
frinnsthave you tried it?13:14
frinnst=======> ERROR: Source file 'CVE-2018-1000030.patch' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).13:26
juefrinnst: yeah, I did, e.g. created the latest xorg-intel dist file and build some ports which has ./ in the Pkgfile13:32
jueno problems13:34
frinnsthmm, do we have any problematic automake ports that are good test candidates. intels drivers are pretty well maintained but I guess its mostly used with old crap13:35
juemost are in contrib, I've tested only iucode-tool from there but all from opt13:40
frinnstI'll give it a spin tonight14:01
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jaegerThe linked palemoon issue is enough for me never to want to use it, period14:22
jaegerThe closing comment sums it up perfectly.14:23
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juefrinnst: have you ever tried to use apulse instead of PA14:38
frinnstno. last I looked at it it seemed somewhat broken14:39
frinnstbut it was maybe a year ago14:39
jueok, the last commit was a week ago so it seems to be an active project at least14:40
juefrinnst: I see that you have a PA port in your private repo, guess it's more minimal than the one in opt?14:42
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frinnstas bare minimum as I could get it14:42
frinnstonly consolekit is needed14:42
juethat's evil enough, I guess my minimal desktop is past soon ;)14:44
frinnstyeah im afraid so14:46
frinnstit has been an uphill struggle for a long time :/14:47
jaeger 0:23.38 checking for libpulse... Package libpulse was not found in the pkg-config search path.14:48
jaeger 0:23.38 Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libpulse.pc'14:48
jaeger 0:23.38 to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable14:48
jaeger 0:23.39 No package 'libpulse' found14:48
jaeger 0:23.39 configure: error: pulseaudio audio backend requires libpulse development package14:48
jaeger(from firefox)14:48
juefrinnst: do you know how long our current FF is supported?14:48
frinnstwonder if there is a --disable-audio switch14:48
frinnst~6 more months or so14:49
frinnstso it will die during 3.4s life14:49
pedjaand ff-60 is the ESR, iirc14:50
frinnstshould we just ship lynx? or maybe elinks for extra bling? :)14:51
pedjawill be the new ESR, sorry14:51
pedjafine with me :)14:51
pedjabtw, elinks is broken with spidermonkey required for consolekit2 (no Javascript support)14:52
frinnstjue if you plan to test PA, you need to have dbus in rc.conf. alsa-plugins is also needed14:53
frinnstand don't use firefox as the first application to play audio with after a boot. something is odd and it doesnt wake PA up properly14:54
pedjaworks for me[tm]14:54
frinnstyeah I think im alone with that problem. Maybe because my ports are so stripped down :)14:55
pedjabut I do use FF upstream binaries, so14:55
jaegerI also use the upstream binary releases these days14:57
juefrinnst: thanks for the hints, and yes, I'll try to get the s*** working14:57
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frinnstgl :D14:57
frinnstactually its not *that* bad as I remembered it. Some stuff works a lot better with PA. And not having to rely on software volume controls in various applications is a bonus14:58
pedjapro tip: steal the .asoundrc from jaeger :)14:58
frinnstI think I used asoundconf to configure it15:00
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pedjaand set 'flat-volumes = no' in daemon.conf, if you like to keep your hearing :)15:01
pedjapulseaudio has support for foo.conf.d dirs for a while now, btw15:02
jueis opt/pulseaudio broken? I don't see consolekit in it's deps?15:03
frinnstnot sure, think so. its also an ancient version15:04
frinnstanyways, if you can get pa 11 working without consolekit i'd buy you a beer :D15:04
pedjajaeger mentioned that Alan is planning to update it few days ago, iirc15:04
jaegerWell, he said he was planning to work on 3.4 stuff, not specifically pulseaudio :)15:05
jaegerWe'll see, though15:05
pedjaah. sorry :)15:06
juewell, what a mess15:09
pedjafrinnst, pretty basic .asoundrc
juefrinnst: I compared your consolekit port with the one in opt, main diff is that your port doesn't depend on polkit15:10
frinnstyep only diff15:10
jueso what will we use in 3.4?15:11
frinnstWell my thought was a "firefox" port with alsa support (that's currently broken - not sure if they intend to fix it) If not - no audio15:12
frinnstbut I havent testad that much and jaeger reported it fails to build without pa libraries15:12
frinnstand also offer a "firefox-pa" port15:13
frinnstI added both in 3.4 on saturday i think15:14
jueguess a browser without audio support is not usable for the most users these days? :)15:14
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frinnstyeah. wonder when that happened. when youtube switched to html5 i guess15:14
jueyes, probably15:15
juewell, if we switch to latest firefox _and_ it doesn't work without PA we should have correct and up-to-date ports for it in opt, IMO15:17
frinnstyes indeed15:17
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pedjafrinnst, is it possible to build FF without WebRTC? that seems to break the build without PA15:40
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jaegerpedja: I installed the glvnd stuff on another 3.3 system, this one shows the segfault... no idea why15:45
pedjajaeger, the same one, in nvidia_drv?15:56
frinnstnot sure offhand15:59
j_vI had a palemoon port. Even contacted the dev, who was grudgingly willing to allow me to package it building against system libraries (more so than he likes). When I saw to openbsd thread, I pulled that port from my repo.16:00
j_vs/saw to/saw the/16:01
jaegerpedja: yes16:02
pedjawell, that's interesting :)16:03
pedjaan major differences between systems?16:04
jaegeryeah, couple of things. I have 3 systems using it currently16:04
jaeger1. single GPU, crux 3.416:04
jaeger2) optimus laptop, crux 3.316:04
jaeger3: single GPU, crux 3.316:05
jaegerIt works fine on the 3.4 box, segfaults on the single-GPU 3.3 box16:05
jaegerX runs on the laptopt but nvidia_drv isn't loaded by the primary display device16:05
jaegerman, I can't type today16:05
jaegerI might just stop worrying about it until the xorg-server 1.20 release and next nvidia driver release16:06
jaegerNot sure it's worth the effort16:06
pedjaI was thinking (always a bad idea). would nvidia driver work with 1.20rc1 if IgnoreABI is passed as an option?16:08
pedjaor is just for native xorg drivers?16:08
jaegerI tried that but only got black screns16:08
chinarulezzz_hello everyone, can you review this:
chinarulezzz_and say whether it is necessary for someone, and whether I have not re-invented the wheel?)16:09
chinarulezzz_when you have time. thnx16:09
pedjajaeger, well, damn16:11
pedjaI am out of ideas16:11
pedjahave you tried using that xorg version, but without glvnd stuff?16:12
jaegernot yet16:13
jaegerchinarulezzz_: I'm no c++ expert either but will take a look16:14
j_vjaeger,pedja: have either of you considered that the issue might be toolchain related? gcc6 has had some known issues over it's lifespan.16:14
jaegerIt's possible, sure. Haven't gone any deeper than that, though.16:14
pedjaj_v, the curious thing is that the same nvidia driver works fine on non-glvnd xorg16:15
pedjaand the modules are built with the same gcc both times16:16
j_vyes, so perhaps libglvnd is getting slightly mis-compiled, linked with gcc6? idk, just throwing it out there. gcc6 was an issue for me when updating openjdk port from crux 3.2 to 3.316:17
pedjahm, that's an interesting idea16:18
j_vI'm pretty sure that archlinux is using gcc7, so that could be why everything is working fine for them and also when built on crux 3.4 toolchain16:19
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pedjalibglvnd 'make check' passes without errors. hm.16:25
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j_vi could be completely wrong about the gcc6/gcc7 thing, idk... just an idea16:27
pedjaj_v, since I ran out of them, feel free to think aloud :)16:29
j_vhas there been any changes to the glvnd ports that jaeger linked to a few days ago? i dl'd that tarball, started building them, but got caught up in other stuff i've been playing with so didn't finish it out.16:32
jaegernope, nothing since then16:32
j_vok, i'll start giving it a go, building it for crux 3.3 to see if i can trigger the same issue.16:33
j_vchinarulezzz_: I'm interested in where you're going with your patch. I'm no c++ expert, but I can find my way around ok, so will check out your patch as time permits.16:35
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pedjathe only difference I could find between libglvnd built on 3.3 and 3.4 is lib{GL,GLX}.so from 3.3 dependence on '-lrt' in their *.la18:28
j_vok, but i'm suggesting broken binaries due to miscompilation type thingee18:32
pedjawell, if it happens to you too, whenever you find the time to test it, we'll know :)18:34
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chinarulezzz_Hello j_v,18:46
chinarulezzz_Sorry, english is not my native language, so what do you mean by "where you're going with your patch"? In what cases is it applicable?18:46
j_vchinarulezzz_: I think what you are attempting to accomplish with your patch is worth consideration18:47
j_vwith your patch applied, prtget.cpp lines 767 and 771 cause the check to stop. seems to me that the message that is output is good, but that processing should continue.18:51
chinarulezzz_Ok, I'll fix that.18:56
j_vWith prtget.cpp lines 766, 767, 770, and 771 commented out, I get good output. I intentionally installed a package with a missing dependency; depcheck found that no problem.18:56
chinarulezzz_What package? What dependency?18:58
chinarulezzz_although, this may not be important.18:59
j_vIt was a package from my private repo.19:02
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chinarulezzz_I installed cppcheck without dependencies: prt-get install cppcheck19:03
chinarulezzz_After, prt-get depcheck shows me, that cppcheck missing docbook-xsl19:03
chinarulezzz_may be your Pkgfile is broken...19:04
j_vSorry, I was trying to say the your depcheck worked as expected.19:05
j_vIt showed me the correct missing dependency.19:06
chinarulezzz_Oh sorry, I did not understand :-D19:06
j_vJust now, I uninstalled docbook-xsl. prt-get depcheck shows it as missing for the packages I have installed that depend on docbook-xsl.19:09
j_vSo far, seems good. I like it.19:09
j_vThis would be possible: prt-get install $(prt-get depcheck --deps 2>/dev/null)19:15
chinarulezzz_or «depinst» if dependencies have their dependencies.19:18
j_vyes, very true19:18
chinarulezzz_Also, «prt-get depcheck --ports» saves ports that have missing deps. So, we can rebuild their later.19:19
j_vNice :)19:20
chinarulezzz_j_v, I updated the patch:
chinarulezzz_look at the time. Everything works for me. Nothing seems to be broke :-D19:43
j_vCool. Works good here, also.19:54
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pedjafrinnst, I think I hit your Firefox/Pulseaudio bug.21:12
pedjaI had to start audio player to get PA to actually use stereo, weird :)21:13
pedjaI couldn't reproduce it few FF releases ago, now with 59b14 I can21:14
pedjaI meant to use stereo in FF, deadbeef worked as soon I started it21:17
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