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juefrinnst: got FF with PA running but have the same problems; FF don't start the PA daemon whereas mpg123 does12:54
frinnstgood, then Im not crazy :-)12:54
jueno :-)12:54
frinnstif you run start-pulseaudio-x11 and start firefox immediately it works12:55
frinnstif you run start-pulseaudio-x11 then wait ~ 1 minute and then start firefox it doesnt12:55
jueFTR, I'm using everything from your private repo12:55
juetesting ...12:56
pedjaslightly different issue. switch from headphones to line-out as output device, but FF doesn't pick up the change until I start deadbeef, if it was started first13:09
pedjait happens randomly, thou. most times it works[tm]13:10
pedjaj_v, I checked my notes. 0.2 glvnd/xorg/nvidia worked when I tested them in October, with gcc-6.4.013:13
Romsteris there a way to still use firefox without pulseaudio i haven't bothered to update my firefox from the rust build i last did.13:16
Romsterand now i read they are removing some cookie interface..13:16
Romsterfeels like every browser is going to crap13:16
Romsterpedja, does that stuff avoid having to use gl-select? and i wonder how it'll work with steam and wine. some time i need to try it out. but i am using nvidia currently.13:17
pedjaRomster, that's the general idea. jaeger and I are testing his ports, but there seem to be some issues on 3.3. on his 3.4 system(s) it works fine13:19
Romsteri haven't tried nouveau in ages, no idea how good it would be with a GTX750 Ti13:19
Romsteri've seen a bit of the log and i read from wrok a bit, but i haven't been able to do anything until now. internet was really pissing me off.13:20
Romsterstill some fault they say.13:20
Romsteri would be keen on trying out your stuff pedja but i also read your versions are a bit old.13:21
pedjayeah. jaeger's ports are more up to date, and that's what we've testing13:23
Romstermight get around to testing this weekend if things look up.13:25
pedjaon 3.3 or 3.4 system?13:25
Romster3.3 i haven't even done docker 3.4 image yet so i can test compat-32 and contrib stuff yet or even my stuff in opt.13:26
Romster this looks worse than it is. lfs archlinux nor gentoo even have this patch13:27
Romsteri read the entire bug report it's a unhanded exception case than a code execution security issue.13:29
pedjaif it was me, I'd close it with NOTABUG13:30
pedjaI don't particularly like the tone of 'No matter what they clarify is bug or CVE, we just apply the patch.'13:31
Romsteryeah i read that tone.13:34
Romsterwasn't really impressed and looking at the impact of it, upstream isn't happy it is assigned a CVE.13:34
pedjathis sums it up quite nicely
pedjatl;dr not a security issue13:35
pedjaclose it and move on, imho13:36
Romsteryep i think that too.13:39
pedjaif he has an issue with that, he can take it upstream :)13:46
Romsteryeah i can't see any improvement by patching python3 for that. they should fix it upstream for the next minor version update.13:47
juefrinnst: if I don't use pedja's .asoundrc but following the freedesktop PA guide with a simple /etc/asound.conf it seems to work13:48
pedjainteresting, jue, I might try that instead13:51
jueit's from here ->
pedjajue, are you getting errors from 'aplay -l' with it?14:01
pedjaI had to modify it a bit
jueis this your ~/.asoundrc or /etc/asound.conf14:05
juecould you please try my version in /etc/asound.conf?14:11
pedjayes. just a second14:12
pedja'ALSA lib conf.c:3636:(config_file_open) /etc/asound.conf may be old or corrupted: consider to remove or fix it'14:14
pedjasame error I was getting before14:14
juehmm, are you using the opt port?14:15
pedjafor pulseaudio?14:16
pedjajue, paste the 'aplay -L', I want to check something14:22
Romstercve yikes we so need a better way to track all these CVE's14:22
juepedja: https://9f8c37764b901491.paste.se14:29
pedjajue, big L :)14:30
frinnst*starting firefox after a boot*14:34
frinnstno, didnt work for me14:35
frinnstah its /etc/asound.conf ?14:35
frinnsthmm, nope14:37
frinnstpa hates me14:37
frinnstyou dont have a .asoundrc at all now?14:38
juedo you have PA running after you've started X?14:38
jueno, no .asoundrc14:38
frinnstright, rebooted14:46
frinnstno pa processes running14:46
frinnstno audio in firefox14:48
frinnststart-pulseaudio-x11 launched, lets see if the processes die without me playing any audio14:48
frinnststarted some dbus and consolekit stuff14:49
pedjafrinnst, does 'pactl load-module module-udev-detect' work?15:14
pedjait returns an error if it is already loaded15:15
frinnstcant reboot any more on this box, need to do some actual work :-)15:18
frinnstI can try it on my box at home since I see the same issue there15:18
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frinnstpedja: nope, module initialization failed16:21
frinnstthats after a boot, after a delayed start-pulseaudio-x11 and waiting for it to die16:22
frinnstand I only have jue's 2 lines in /etc/asound.conf  - no .asoundrc on this box16:22
pedjathat probably means it's loaded. check with 'pacmd list-modules | grep udev'16:25
juefrinnst: found it ;) my first tests I did with a minimal LXDE desktop with the lxpanel, which includes a volume control16:32
jueobviously PA was initialized by this volume control16:33
juewith a bare wm like spectrwm or i3 I have no PA running16:33
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juesorry for the confusion16:35
juebut at all I think it's best to use the /etc/asound.conf from above16:35
frinnstand that explains why it works for pedja too probablt17:09
j_vpedja: ahh, well, so there is a possible theory with gone.17:27
pedjaj_v, it's still possible, that was an early libglvnd version/different nvidia driver17:32
j_vmakes sense17:41
pedjaafaik, the same segfault occurs on all 3.3 systems we tried so far, and doesn't on 3.4.17:56
pedjabuilt on a system, or in the container, doesn't make a difference, afaict17:58
pedjaRomster, wrt tracking CVE's, there is this 'slightly' overkill, thou :)18:05
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