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juefrinnst: yeah, confirmed. pedja's suggestion works for me10:26
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pedjahas anyone seen this '/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: FT_Done_MM_Var' ?21:21
pedjafontconfig checks and finds it when building, and yet I get this. what am I missing?21:23
john_cephalopodapedja: Maybe try to force-rebuild it?21:47
j_vwhat program is trying to load
pedjaFreeCAD Appimage21:49
pedjait works otherwise, but when try to switch to TechDraw workbench, it crashes.21:51
pedjawell, it *is* bleeding edge git snapshot, so :)21:52
j_vit's a binary package, right? I mean FreeCAD21:53
pedjaAppimage, yeah21:53
pedjasimilar to Apple DMG, I think (never used iGadgets)21:57
pedjaI don't actually use that part of FreeCAD, not yet anyway, so I am not bothered, but I am curious about that error22:00
j_vincompatible fontconfig build, that the app was linked against... incompatible with ours, anyways. would probably need to figure out where the FT_DONE_MM_Var is coming from (freetype, incompatible version with ours..., etc)22:12
pedjait's new in freetype-2.922:14
j_vyou've rebuilt fontconfig against the new freetype?22:14
pedjamore than once :)22:15
j_vahh, confusing22:15
pedjathat's the weird part. fontconfig build check for that symbol and finds it22:15
pedjaappimage is built on some ubuntu, iirc, so that's probably the issue22:16
j_vthat would be my guess. they could be using some patched up version of freetype that causes the error22:17
pedjasame with Cura, with bunch of fontconfig warnings about unknown elements in conf.d files22:18
pedjaubuntu used to patch the hell oout of freetype, iirc :)22:18
pedjaI just enable subpixel rendering for it22:19
pedjasetting up fonts under Linux is sort of a black art, imho, so once set up, I ain't touching the configuration anymore :)22:23
j_vI notice that the freecad appimage contains it's own freetype so lib, but have not found a fontconfig so lib in it22:24
pedjawhat does ldd on it show?22:25
j_von the freetype lib?22:26
j_vdamn, what is this, meant to run as a container?22:27
pedjajust chmod +x and ./foo.appimage22:29
pedjaI think I see the issue. libfreetype symlink is broken22:29
pedjaso instead of the bundled one, it tries to use the system one22:32
pedjathat's the whole point of appimage, it should be self-contained22:36
j_vhmmm, interesting22:38
pedjabut these kind of issues are evident only on a rolling release distribution like Crux.22:38
pedjaI like the whole idea behind it22:39
john_cephalopodaIs CRUX really rolling-release?22:40
john_cephalopodaThere are versions like 3.3 and the upcoming 3.4, which can't be really transitioned easily.22:40
pedjawhat do you mean?22:41
john_cephalopoda"Rolling release" usually means "Download this iso, install it, never upgrade to any new version of the distro because it just keeps going and updating everything".22:42
john_cephalopodaSo I don't think that CRUX is rolling-release, and I don't see how that appimage issue is related to it.22:43
john_cephalopodaTo me it looks more like an issue with the naming conventions and versions of freetype on Ubuntu/Debian, where that AppImage was built.22:45
pedjait's simple. the build didn't include libfontconfig, freecad fallbacks to the system one, which is built against a newer version of freetype, hence the undefined symbol error22:48
john_cephalopodaYep. That has to do with being closer to upstream than the system it was built on (likely Ubuntu).22:49
pedjafor it to work on a bunch of systems, it has to be built on a old one, glibc is forward compatible only22:51
john_cephalopodaOh, interesting, there are many stages of "rolling" distributions. Didn't know that.22:51
pedjain theory, CRUX upgrade by changing core/opt/xorg rsync files is possible. in practice, it breaks a lot of shit22:53
john_cephalopodaEspecially when upgrading glib and gcc to new major releases..22:54
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jaegerew, ran into something with prtverify that means I can't do what I was doing23:22
jaegerport name truncation, such as 'mate/mate-indicator-applet' is shortened to 'mate/mate-indicator-apple'23:23
jaegerWas trying to be efficient and run prtverify for an entire collection, then parse the results... but I'll need to run it on each port to avoid that, I think23:23

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