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jaegerregarding the earlier discussion, I'd say that crux is not rolling release, technically. You CAN treat it that way with some work but officially there are releases00:03
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Romsterrolling rlease tome would be a new crux version comes out it can be sysup-ed in a container then the built core ports installed onto the system, then rebuild all the things with the new ports tree.03:54
Romsterrevdep and sysup03:55
Romsterand the all important rejmerge03:55
jaegerlike I said, you can do it with some work. :)03:58
Romsterwork is expected in crux04:07
Romsterheck i did something similar in the past mount the iso pkgadd -u the core ports, rebuild everything, and another time i used docker to build core and pkgadd -u those.04:08
Romsterwe are not short on ways to do it.04:08
Romsteri still haven't got to making a initramfs and have multiple root logical volumes in lvm2 for each crux version.04:09
Romsterso what happened to cruxbot it was working really well showing all the commits, now it only shows 1-3 of all the current batch of commits being pushed04:12
jaegerDon't know... maybe a problem with redis? If nobody beats me to it I'll take a look tomorrow, going to bed04:33
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john_cephalopodaHey, something broke when the tree port was moved from the 3.3 contrib branch to the 3.4 contrib branch.16:30
frinnstprobably because the port got deleted during the purge in 3.4 and you only modified Pkgfile (and .signature) when you took over maintainership16:46
john_cephalopodaYes, looks like it. Thanks for fixing :)16:48
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fun_pedja: could your fontconfig issue have something in common with my libtool issue mentioned on 8 March in #devel? Some ports fail if older version are already installed?19:37
fun_8 March in #crux19:39
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pedjafun_, I don't think so20:55
pedjafun_, what ports are failing to build?20:57
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fun_Libvirt 4.0.0 -> 4.1.0, pedja21:48
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pedjafun_, something like this?
fun_:) yes22:04
pedjaIf I am reading this correctly (, they patched it in git master22:07
fun_Thanks. I'll sleep better knowing that I don't have to uninstall on upgrades :)22:10
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pedjaapparently, it needs automake-1.15 :)22:30
pedjaand now it has it. see what else breaks22:37
fun_Unfortunately it worked with automake 1.16.1. Such a boring build.22:44
pedjawhy 'unfortunately' ?22:47
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pedjaI get the same error with the patch applied, so I probably fscked something up. if it works with 1.16.1, all the better22:49
fun_I didn't use the patch. I just uninstalled. 'unfortunately' was a joke :)22:53
fun_I can't be too serious on crux channels :)22:54
pedjaI parsed that as 'it built fine with automake-1.16.1'22:59

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