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jaegershould have something to show off soon with regards to a portdb project02:56
jaegerMaybe tomorrow02:56
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fun_pedja, you've parsed well. Libvirt builds fine with the new automake. 'Unfortunately', I can't complain about it :)08:10
j_vwhere's the fun in that? ;)08:57
j_vcouldn't resist. though I should have08:57
frinnstseems like they have fucked up releases too, not just betas13:32
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pedjafun_, with the previous libvirt version uninstalled?14:22
pedjaI guess so, since the build fails in the same way with automake-1.16.1 here14:24
frinnstc61f5f5ead48c78a80c80db5c489bdc7cfaf8175.tar.bz2' saved [304962405] 290mb14:24
pedjacatchy name14:24
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fun_pedja: by the time I understood why libvirt failed, my tolerance to libtool was too low to try something more than 2 minutes. I've uninstalled the old version of libvirt. And the patch they merged for this issue tries to avoid a bad behavior of the tool they use to build their program.18:13
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jaegerok, first attempt is up, what do you guys think?
jaegerObviously not the full collection list, just a few for testing right now18:43
pedjashiny :)18:50
jaegerI'm not any kind of web designer, for reference. :) I just used bootstrap for the styles and appearance18:51
pedjaI like the clean look18:51
jaegerstill a work in progress... one more thing I want to add to the main index, for example, is overall prtverify status for the collection18:53
jaegersomething that shows number of fatal/error, warn, info/ok statuses18:53
pedjalike weighted score?18:55
john_cephalopodajaeger: Cool idea.18:56
jaegerpedja: not really weighted, it'll just show something like A B C where A, B, and C are a count of each type of status18:59
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: thanks :)18:59
jaegerthere was a guy working on something like this in the past (nrxtx if I remember right) but he disappeared18:59
j_vI like it also. Adding the prtverify stuff is a nice touch.19:00
jaegerThanks. I don't dislike the current portdb, this one just shows a bit more info19:01
j_vWill a new interface break portdbc, do you think?19:04
jaegerI don't know how portdbc works but it seems likely19:05
jaegerBut there's no plan (at least none yet) to replace the portdb with this, this is just me wanting to tinker19:05
frinnstooh me likey19:07
j_vWell, I don't see it a deal breaker, really. I've perused the portdbc code before and it's not very complicated... should be fairly straight forward to adjust, if needed.19:08
frinnstgod damn caugh. i've hurt my back19:14
darfolooks good on a smartphone too19:36
darfooops, I mean
darfofrinnst, cough suppressant. I got a double hernia from a bad cough when I was in my 40s.19:39
darfounless it is actually producing something19:40
darfobut a dry cough that just goes on and on is just a recipe for body injury19:42
jaegerdarfo: glad to hear that, hadn't looked at it on a mobile device yet20:37
jaegerthough bootstrap is supposed to be good at that20:37
john_cephalopodaI like that it shows the description of the ports. That's one thing I'm missing in the portdb20:42
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j_vnew pango requires fribidi, fribidi is in contrib21:12
j_vI haven't found a way to disable building pango against fribidi yet21:14
j_vpango/NEWS: 1.41.1 - Use external fribidi and drop mini-fribidi21:20
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frinnsthmm, didnt notice that23:23
frinnstRomster: mind moving fribidi to opt? :/23:25
frinnstand another fucker to add to the iso :(23:27
j_von the up side of it, fribidi is relatively small... I was hoping to find a way to avoid depending on it, but no such luck23:33
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