IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-03-14

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Worksterafter work i'll get to fribidi02:58
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marakulooks nice jaeger, could you try adding hover text which shows the errors on ports?03:27
marakui don't know how hard that is but hopefully that'll help people see what's wrong... as ERROR looks scary to users03:28
marakuanother neat thing to have could be dups of ports, so you could search for a port name and it'd show different versions from different repos and such03:29
marakualso, if you have this hosted anywhere using git, i can try helping if you want03:30
jaegerthat text is shown if you click into the individual ports, for what that's worth03:35
jaegerMight be able to make it a hover with bootstrap or something, though03:36
jaegerYeah, I plan to add search and duplicates, the main portdb has those features already03:36
jaegerthis project is about a day old :)03:38
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Romsterfrinnst,  done13:29
Romsteris it just me but the list of dependencies is growing lately13:30
frinnstnope, not you13:32
frinnstits all going to shit :)13:32
jaegerhere's something odd:15:16
jaegerI just updated nvidia ports and saw nothing from cruxbot in #crux... so I went to investigate since romster's complained about it not announcing things recently, too15:17
jaeger>>1521040378.26 PRIVMSG #crux :[opt.git/3.3]: nvidia: updated to version 390.4215:17
jaeger>>1521040380.26 PRIVMSG #crux :[compat-32.git/3.3]: nvidia-32: updated to version 390.4215:17
jaegerFrom the bot's raw log, it looks like it did try to send those updates to IRC15:17
jaegerIt's still connected and it sees a test privmsg from me15:18
jaegerwill try restarting the bot15:19
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