IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-03-16

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jaegeradded most of the rest of the portdb repos to my portdb and fixed some more issues21:27
j_vlooking good21:36
jaegerThanks. :)21:37
j_vare you thinking of adding ability to view the port files?21:37
jaegerperhaps. It wouldn't be hard, considering there's a local copy of everything21:38
j_vnot sure how difficult it would to implement, but being about to download a tarball of a port would be a cool feature21:39
jaegerI wonder if that would be useful, though, considering the sync command for every port is listed on the collection page21:40
j_vyeah, a good point. just something I've yearned for when I'm using portdbc, not necessarily a good thing for everyday use21:41
jaegerFair enough. Maybe portdbc could be extended to do a sync of a particular port21:41
j_vWas just thinking along those lines... I'll look into this evening if no one beats me to it.21:42
j_vAnyways, I do like the clean look. Seems modern without being frilly21:44
j_vbrb, need to reboot into a fresh kernel21:45
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jaegerThanks. I'm a fan of modern but simple21:52
jaegerTurned on automatic updates, too, now that I've got more repos in22:03
jaegerWell, "automatic" sounds too fancy, "scheduled" is maybe more appropriate22:03
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