IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-03-17

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frinnstRomster: libvorbis 1.3.604:21
frinnstyeah rolling new firefox releases for it04:22
Romsteri had to rebuild my firefox for libvpx last time...04:23
frinnstdoes chromium use a bundled library or system?04:24
Romsterbundled i think, man the chromium build system is a fucking mess04:35
Romsterand it seems only i work on it -_-04:35
frinnstyeah browsers suck04:40
Romsterman no one has fixed yet04:40
Romsterwebkitgtk seems half sane on the building side at least.04:41
jaegerI don't even use chromium at all04:46
Romsterto be honest i don't use it much but i am sure others do04:48
BurnZeZI still end up using mothra most of the time04:49
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jaegerI'm going to remove the 'juef' repo from both portdbs as he's retired recently17:20
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j_vhaven't managed to get started on that idea for portdbc to download port file... just finished recovering from a major hard drive failure :/23:54
john_cephalopodaj_v: The current one has that feature for most repos already, hasn't it?23:55
jaegerBummer, that sucks23:55
j_vrecovery successful, just a little stressful23:55
jaegerGlad it was successful23:55
j_vjohn_cephalopoda: it can download the sync file (getup)23:56
j_vme too23:57
j_vtaking a break for a bit, though. might play with the portdbc thing tomorrow, though. will be afk for a while again.23:58
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