IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-03-18

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jaegeradded a duplicates page and health tooltips to the index02:51
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j_vjaeger: looking good07:06
j_vwhat's the failure in my repo? the health column shows green, but on the right side of the sync url there's '1 failure'07:08
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jaegerj_v: it failed to sync for some reason14:40
jaegerlooks like it worked the next time, though14:40
jaegerThat badge and count is just for sync (httpup/rsync) failure, so maybe there was a networking issue temporarily between my server and your repo host15:22
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j_vI see it now. I got an email notice from the vps host that there was a block storage degradation, but hadn't read the email yet.16:57
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jaegerAh, ok17:35
jaegerWho is your VPS host?17:35
j_vfor now, Vultr17:36
jaegercool, just curious. I have a few on linode17:36
juejaeger: what do you think, are we ready for a first test release?17:37
frinnstim happy. the firefox mess is in place17:37
jaegerjue: I think so, yes. I'll run another bootstrap today so it's got the latest firefox/rust etc.17:37
jueok, fine17:38
jaegerI think I'll double the cores on the build host first, though :D17:39
juebtw, I'm now a ryzen guy too :)17:40
frinnstwelcome into the light!17:40
jaegerNice. :) What did you get?17:40
jueAMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core17:41
juewith an ASUS Prime X370 board17:41
jaegerNow we just need frinnst to buy a WRX :D17:41
jaegerone of us... one of us17:41
juehehe :)17:41
jaegerjue: did you check out my unofficial portdb thing?17:42
juesorry, not yet17:43
juewhere can I find it?17:43
jaegerno worries, just curious17:43
jaegerok, 3.4 test bootstrap is started17:43
jaegerWith 4 cores it took ~22 hours. It has 8 cores now17:43
juejaeger: looks great, very nice :-)18:02
jaegerthanks :) planning to implement a search next18:03
jaegeroops... bootstrap ran out of RAM18:55
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jaegerok, added basic search :)20:59
j_vNice. Works good.21:58
j_vOrdered a couple toshiba p300 1TB drives last night. Price was good $45USD. Will be interesting to see how well they perform / hold up. I haven't bought much other than WD and Seagate in quite some time.23:34
j_v$45 each, that is23:34

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