IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-03-21

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jaegerj_v: added some class tags, let me know what you think04:05
j_vNice, thanks. Will start playing with it again now. I really need a break from playing around at trying to get chromium to use more system libraries. Looking at it closer, I have a better appreciation for how good a job Romster is doing with it.04:09
jaegerheh, not something I think I'd want to try, honestly04:10
j_vyeah, luckily luakit works for most of my browsing and firefox still fills in gaps where I need it.04:11
jaegernice. Never tried it, myself, may have to give it a look04:12
jaegerluakit, I mean. not chromium04:12
j_vluakit is one of nicest webkit browsers I've messed with... might be too minimal for some.04:15
j_vyeah, I think those tags should do the trick. might take me a bit... I'm slooow at coding.04:33
jaegerI know the feeling04:34
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juejaeger: thanks for test1, did a fresh install today, no problems17:15
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jaegerGood to hear. :) I've done a quick install and a quick upgrade, both were fine... but haven't done anything deep yet18:00
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frinnstooh, missed the test119:08
frinnstI have a couple of boxes to use it on19:08
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frinnstworked like a charm19:45
frinnstI'll do some vms at work tomorrow and a few clean installs this weekend19:48
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j_vjaeger: Sorry it's taking so long for me to get some test code going for parsing the portdb. I'm finally making some progress, though.20:43
j_vShould have some poc code worth trying out tonight or tomorrow20:44
jaegerAll good, no need to hurry on my account20:47
jaegerdoes anyone use uname26 from util-linux?20:58
jaegerIt annoys me when I try to tab-complete uname :P20:58
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frinnstno, wtf does that command do? other than fuck up my $PS ?21:26
frinnstah, its for 2.6 compatability? im sure we can ditch it without problems. unless something stupid like steam depend on it21:26
jaegerI think setarch can be used in its place but I'll look into that22:01
jaeger'setarch <arch> --uname-2.6' does the same thing22:17
jaegeruname26 is a symlink to setarch anyway22:17
john_cephalopodacat `which crux` # <-- :D22:18
john_cephalopodaSuch a sophisticated way to display the version string :D22:19
frinnstwhy make it complex? :)22:30
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john_cephalopodaSoftware often ends up overly complex.22:34
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frinnst/usr/bin/crux is also very complex22:36
john_cephalopodafrinnst: "which crux" returns the string "/usr/bin/crux" and cat-ing it shows the file's content.22:37
jaegerhere's one in asm for grins:
john_cephalopodaNow one in Befunge! ;)22:45
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jaeger"3.3 noisrev XURC">:#,_@22:51
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jaegerI'd never heard of befunge before now but god damn is that a ridiculous language22:51

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