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Romster i did that ages ago with the help or ryuo09:20
Romsteri see you hard coded the length of that string09:23
frinnstmaybe we should rotate /usr/bin/crux to be written in different languages in each version? :)09:53
frinnstyay, managed to fail an upgrade11:12
frinnstOOM compressing the kernel source :-)11:12
frinnst512mb without swap is not enough to do the upgrade11:13
Romsterlol frinnst11:36
Romsteri am affraid crux 3.4 wont fit on a cd-r11:41
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frinnstmight fit on a 700mb cd!11:50
frinnstbut alas, my old 256mb stick havent been big enough since crux 2.8 iirc11:50
pedjafrinnst, have you tried building ff-60 w/o pulseaudio yet?13:08
pedjait looks like it was a bug in webrtc code13:10
jaegerRomster: yeah, didn't seem like it was worth adding the length var for something that would only change once per release14:06
jaegerand change length even less often14:06
frinnstpedja: no; i no longer really try the builds since its become 10x more work after they removed the tarballs14:25
frinnstoh, i included a "its", nevermind then14:25
pedjanow you have to pull specific commit, or something? well, that's lame14:35
frinnstno, but I need to find the hash and edit the pkgfile :)15:22
frinnstI dont want to use a variable for it so extra work15:22
j_vjaeger: on the portdb, when listing ports, would it possible to add a class to each ports' <tr> tag? something like <tr class="port">, like you have on the main page for each collection (<tr class="collection">)15:44
j_vI can work with it without the added tag, though would make the listPorts function a little bit cleaner16:20
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jaegersure, I don't think that'd be any trouble17:25
jaegerfrinnst, jue: any objection to me linking my portdb thingy in #crux now that it's usable?17:25
juejaeger: no objections, of course :)17:57
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frinnstsame here18:06
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jaegerj_v: added19:33
j_vthanks :)19:45
j_valmost done with first draft19:45
j_vwill post a link to it in a bit19:46
pedjajaeger, I rally like the portdb-ng :) especially the health bar thingie19:58
jaegerthanks :) the health status thing was one of the main reasons I wanted to make it, honestly19:58
jaegerI think quite a few maintainers never look at prtverify20:03
pedjaI am thinking of adding it as a pre-commit hook, along with 'pkgmk -cs'20:05
j_vcurrently only works with jaeger's
jaegerseems like it works fine20:45
j_vI've got some polishing to do, needs comments in places, and I'd like to work on optimizing the recursive calls a bit since parsing seems quite a bit slower that xml.20:48
j_v*parsing html*20:49
j_vslower that parsing xml20:49
j_vlines 105-126 need an indent bump20:54
jaegeroh, I totally forgot about the gcc change I wanted to make for 3.4, I should find that before we release21:00
jaegerAh, looks like we already put it into core/gcc in 3.4, never mind :D21:01
jaegerI forget things when I sleep :P21:03
j_vsome minor cleanups and comments added:
j_vMight eventuall start a git repo for it21:48
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j_vI had considered adding ablility to portdbc for downloading a ports' files, but that isn't to hard to script by extracting sync_command from port listings, so decided it's probably over the top22:06
jaegeryeah, seems fine to go without22:10
j_vI did add ability to check dups for just one portname (portdbc dups gcc)22:11
j_vbut that was very little code to make that work and is pretty much unnoticable anyways22:13
jaegerspeaking of duplicates, I might redo that part of the portdb, since it calculates those every time you load the page... but it would only be necessary at update time22:14
j_vwill it change the output or just caching the data for it?22:16
jaegerJust caching. No reason to change the output, it's just inefficient to generate it every time22:16
jaegersince nothing will change between updates22:16
j_vseems sensible to me22:17
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