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frinnsthas there been any issues with the 3.4 test1 iso? Worked flawlessly here. I've done 2 or 3 upgrades. No new installs though18:41
jaegerI haven't run into any issues yet18:43
jaegerI've done a couple fresh installs and upgrades18:43
jaegerI think I should update the kernel again but otherwise it's been fine for me18:44
frinnstcool cool18:44
nomiusHey folks, is it there a crux 3.4 ISO?18:48
nomiusYou finally decided to add pulseaudio in crux as well?18:50
jaegerthere's a test ISO at
nomiusThanks jaeger :-)18:56
nomiusI saw all the discussion around pulseaudio and firefox... And I don't see pulseaudio in the ISO, you guys found a workaround? If so, that's great! :-)20:03
jaegerI think frinnst disabled audio for the short term20:19
nomiusMy experiences with pulseaudio has been really bad20:20
john_cephalopodaSame here.20:21
nomiusIn fact, those experiences + video acceleration was what brought me back to chromium20:22
nomiusHW acceleration in the browser I can do it, audio, no...20:24
jaegerpulseaudio works pretty well for me but I use it for simple stuff like mixing and changing volume of individual channels... never could really do that with alsa20:28
nomiusThe only thing I can't do with Alsa is switching audio outputs on the fly... Similar to what in pulse they call "switch sinks"20:35
nomiusKinda jack output headsets -> usb headsets20:36
groovy2shoesopt/freerdp appears to depend on contrib/ffmpeg21:25
nomiusfreerdp in opt is soooo outdated...21:30
nomiusWhat's using rust in 3.4?21:31
nomiusDamn you firefox! :-P21:33
nomiusHave you guys ever thought into moving from /etc: rc, rc.fix, rc.modules, rc.multi, rc.shutdown and rc.single to somewhere else so /etc is a little bit cleaner?21:39
frinnstI dont think it would improbe anything. rather make it worse.21:46
nomiusOk, thanks.21:49
frinnstim always open to be convinced however21:50
nomiusYou already have the "No sign" :-P21:58
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