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Worksteris alan even active?00:00
Worksterbut that freerdp is at a stable version but given it's age probably should be on freerdp 2.0.0-rc100:00
jaegerHe responds to emails, other than that I don't know00:11
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groovy2shoessince everyone and his brother seems to be making a new build system, might I suggest making one that's actually *less* bad than autotools?  -_-08:57
groovy2shoesit's like GNU made a wheel that's an octagon, and everyone decided they could improve it by making their own hexagonal wheel08:58
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nomiusHey guys! You made the ports directory now configurable? (so I can repoint /usr/ports to somewhere else)17:21
nomiusLooks like... You only need to make ETC_DIR configurable now so /etc/ports isn't all over the code ;-)17:22
onoderanomius: yup, I moved my ports dir to some different location ~2 years ago and never had any problems18:04
nomiusonodera: how you handle the fact that ports collection files have a "destination" variable normally pointing to /usr/ports/collection?18:39
nomiusYou simply modify those .rsync .httpup files?18:40
onoderaah I use my own tool to pull in ports18:40
onoderabut yes you could just modifiy the repo file, or possibly the driver18:41
nomiusHe, that's what I tought...18:41
nomiusI've modified ports to actually do this in some places:18:44
nomiussed -i -e 's/\/usr\/ports/\/usr\/src\/ports/g' $file18:44
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