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j_vfrom KConfig: "Enables BPF JIT and removes BPF interpreter to avoid speculative execution of BPF instructions by the interpreter"01:13
j_vI think that bpf (berkeley packet filter) is used mainly for seccomp and netfilter, and I'm sure that there is more about it that I haven't read about and/or can't remember details of now01:15
j_vI know that I set this to 'Y', though I won't deny that I still could use a better understanding of the ramifications01:16
j_vwhat struck me was the "avoid speculative exucution" part01:21
jaegerI wonder if there's any reason to enable it without bpf01:26
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j_vIf the "Enable bpf() system call" option isn't enabled, then it doesn't come up02:48
j_vSo, my thought is no.02:48
j_vAnd I won't deny that I need to investigate my own need (or lack there of) for bpf.02:49
nomius< j_v> what struck me was the "avoid speculative exucution" part <---- Same her, this looks like came up as part of Spectre mitigation...03:36
nomiusHas anyone tried chromium 65?04:00
jaegerNot I04:40
Worksterfrinnst, i do have llvm and clang i cn push tonight, but i still have issues compiling chromium.05:29
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nomiusWorkster: fontconfig 2.13 might be causing some troubles in chromium. Looks like reverting fontconfig to 2.12.6 might help...07:13
nomiusThis looks like the problematic patch:
Romsterhrmmm you might be onto something07:55
frinnstbpf is exploitable, bpf jit is a mitigation for the exploits08:27
frinnstso unless bpf is enabled its pointless08:27
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Romster nope chromium still failed at the same spot09:34
frinnsthave you tried without distcc?09:36
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Romsteryes that made no difference09:37
Romsterother than it took forever even with -j109:38
frinnstheh I bet09:39
RomsterACTION grumbles09:44
Romstertried to use system clang09:44
frinnstfor fucks sake09:44
Romsterweb browsers are shit -_-09:45
frinnstwhat the fuck is wrong with people? feels like firefox is heading in the same direction09:45
frinnstdevops disease is spreading :D09:45
frinnst(sorry jaeger! :D)09:45
frinnstatleast chromium appear to have a "packagers" forum/mailinglist? I've yet to find something like that for firefox09:48
Romstereating dinner then i'll attempt chromium again09:56
Romsteri am on the rust channel on the mozilla irc server09:57
frinnstoh, 1.24.109:58
frinnstI need to setup some version monitoring of rust now that it's in opt for 3.409:58
Romsterhave fun building it 6 hours later09:59
frinnstbtw, we got a contrib application yesterday. Would be lovely if people could comment. From my first look his ports look fine10:00
Romsteri haven't had a chance yet and i only saw that email in my lunch hour today10:00
Romsterafter i am done eating10:00
frinnstno worries. i was looking at our new contributors too :)10:01
Romsteri am more concerned why tek isn't around and alan10:01
frinnstchinarulezzz is online here now too, so im sure he'll read this :)10:02
Romstersepen is gone?10:02
frinnsti assume so, yeah10:02
frinnsthe never replied with pgp keys so he doesnt have the signing keys10:03
Romsterhis domain had expired too10:03
Romsterit's a shame because sepen knows his stuff.10:04
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pedjaprtverify run on chinarulezzz repo
chinarulezzzfrinnst: yes))10:08
Romsterhiding behind tor i see :P10:08
chinarulezzzpedja: I'm using git versions of ports.10:08
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pedjayeah, I see that10:10
chinarulezzzRomster: This is principled position. I'm not hiding my identity.10:10
chinarulezzzpedja: It's much more convenient for me to use the build date as a release version, instead of a commit hash. In the contrib repo, of course, I will not do this.10:14
pedjainteresting licence choice :)10:17
Romsterbrb making coffee10:20
pedjaI don't see any major issues with the ports, otherwise, and prtverify is mostly happy with them, so10:23
Romstermy pc is to over loaded to look at that currently11:00
Romster22:01:25 up 6 days, 20:36,  1 user,  load average: 25.06, 22.07, 19.5011:01
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Romsterwell build failed for another reason now, but got past the one i was stuck on12:24
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frinnstomg new sysvinit release18:07
frinnst looks nice. I've had problems with that18:08
frinnstwell, booted up again atleast.18:17
jaegerwoot, hehe18:17
nomiusRomster: Just in case, I did wrote a script to convert the chrome debian package into a crux one, but it depends on cups (I actually created a port named libcups that includes only the library used by chrome)18:26
j_vwow, ChangeLog for sysvinit-2.89 is long.18:30
j_vI've never had any issues with sysvinit being broken by borked shared libs, but in theory it could happen. Would it make sense to link sysvinit statically? (make STATIC="-static")19:06
jaeger96m12s to build rust on the ISO build system19:17
jaeger8 cores @ 2.40GHz19:18
jaegerI plan to run another 3.4 bootstrap for the latest firefox and kernel, so feel free to merge in other stuff you want to test like sysvinit :)19:25
nomiusI'm already runnign 3.4... So please let me know if there's anything else I need to rebuild besides ports updates :-)19:30
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frinnstbuilding 1.24.1 now anyways21:04
frinnstmissed updating it before21:04
pedjaACTION was building gcc-fortran few days ago21:35
pedjathat was...painfully slow :)21:35
john_cephalopodaI am now building firefox after building rust for ages.21:35
john_cephalopodaAll that only because I want to open an html file of updated feeds that I generate with the suckless Atom/RSS reader sfeed.21:36
pedjaI stopped building ff ages ago,21:37
john_cephalopodaI should probably do that, too.21:38
frinnstwow. my milk carton explains encryption. It even features a cartoon computer screen with the letters "PGP" on21:39
frinnstACTION is proud21:39
pedjapics, please21:39
pedjathat's cool. but what's the context? 'children, brush your teeth, drink milk and ENCRYPT ALL THE THINGS!'21:48
pedjawhich, as messages go, is pretty awesome, tbh :)21:49
frinnstheh pretty much. they usually try to be very informative for young kids on the back22:30
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