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juerunning 2.89-beta for some weeks on my laptop, no issues so far, but one problem with the update: they changed the location of the FIFO from /dev/initctl to /run/initctl07:15
juewhich breaks the update on a running system. I solved this by adding a sysmlink. That works for up- but not for downgrades.07:17
juewill do some tests with the final version. IMO it would be best to commit it to 3.4 only?07:19
frinnstyeah saw that. I just installed it and rebooted. it "worked"07:25
juehmm, reboot worked?07:32
jueor did you do a hard reset?07:32
frinnstno reboot worked. i was surprised07:32
frinnstnot sure everything was shut down proper tho07:33
frinnstyeah lets keep it to 3.4 only07:33
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frinnstwe should have waited to push sysvinit to april 1st and added a notify saying its the final update before switching to systemd :-)12:01
juefrinnst: you saw my commit message?12:17
frinnstheh no12:20
frinnstah ok. I'll test it a bit more12:21
frinnstah now I see shutdown: /run/initctl: No such file or directory12:22
frinnsthow odd I didnt on my desktop at home12:23
Romsternomius, chromium is working with system clang for now.13:15
Romsterfrinnst> we should have waited to push sysvinit to april 1st... <- knowing our luck that might backfire and we might need to use systemd because other projects have forced us to.... but i sure hope not13:17
frinnstlol now I know why i could reboot without issues - i never actually upgraded sysvinit13:53
frinnstcreated a port, built it but never upgraded13:54
nomiusRomster: you rock sir!13:54
nomiusyou got a package? :-)13:55
Romsteryeah at
Romsterneeds more tweaking for more system libs and option cleanup but at this point i need to get sleep13:58
nomiusYou got a hidden folder for 3.4?13:59
Romsternot yet sorry14:00
Romstermight start building that this weekend14:00
nomiusit's inn3.3 folder?14:00
Romsteryes 3.314:00
Romsterfor crux 3.314:00
nomiusohhh, ok14:00
Romsteryou on crux 3.4 already?14:00
nomiusyeaaaap :-)14:01
nomiusAnd building Kwort 4.3.3 out of it :-)14:01
Romster3.3 mgiht work but older tool chain but then it's using clang so it might work on 3.4, i dunno14:01
Romster done enough for one evening. gonna get some sleep. i'll see if i can get 3.4 building this weekend in docker14:03
nomiusBesides GPU, I dunno what'a the hype with clang14:03
Romsterno idea14:03
nomiusOnce the kernel drops gcc, it's gonna be close for gcc to be gone...14:06
Romsterwine still needs gcc it wont build with clang14:07
Romsteri tried ages ago14:07
nomiusnext step... Kill autotools :-)14:09
nomiusworld domination :-P14:10
pedjaRomster, do you happen to know the magic incantation so boosts build thingie installs all static libs built?14:44
pedjaiow, all of them get built, but only some of them get installed, which is...inconvenient :)14:46
frinnstwhy would the kernel drop gcc?15:07
pedjathere was a project, llvmlinux I think, since dormant, afaik, to use clang to build the kernel15:14
pedjausual reasons. 'BSD licenced, faster development, friendlier devs' :)15:16
pedjaand Android15:22
pedjaI don't see kernel dropping gcc, whatever that means15:23
pedjallvm/clang did speed up gcc development, though, which is a good thing15:24
pedjahaving 2 quality open source compilers in a friendly competition is a win for open source15:26
nomiuspedja: agree on that it helps competition... But on the other hand I'm a minimal kinda guy, having two tools on my system (eating 50% of storage of the standard installation) for the same thing (compile C code) doesn't adds up...15:44
pedja50% of storage?15:45
nomiusgcc is +750MBs uncompressed and llvm is +500MBs15:45
nomiusIs almost 50% of a standard crux all installation... which is 3GB on 3.415:46
pedjastandard crux docker image is ~500Mb. without the toolchain? ~8015:48
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jaegerNecessary evil for using a source-based distro in containers15:49
nomiusDon't get me wrong, I love gcc, I've been using it for my personal development for almost 20 years, but I don't like having two compilers...15:50
pedja3, with rust, if you want to compile Firefox15:51
nomiusRust is a different language... But yeah, I get your point :-)15:51
nomiusSame reason for what I'm asking for people to pull off the cable of Python 2 ASAP :-)15:52
pedjatoo much pain still15:52
nomiusYeah, firefox got a huge bloat of 300MBs with it...15:53
nomiusSince pulse audio and systemd things are getting ugly on Linux...15:53
pedjapulseaudio works fine15:54
jaegerSpeaking of the ISO and install size, I'd like to modify setup so that a core-only option is available. Anyone object to that?15:54
jaegerAccompanying that would be a core-only ISO option15:55
pedjathat's a cool idea15:55
jaegerIt's been in the back of my mind for a long time15:56
pedjasmaller ISO to build docker image from? yes, please :)15:59
pedjacurrent one is not that big now (~700Mb?)16:03
pedjajaeger, how difficult would it be to add an option to not install the toolchain for core-only option? as a host for go app, for instance16:07
pedjaor pure python, pip installed app, with no extensions needing compiling?16:08
pedjapython being one installed as a part of miniconda16:11
pedjaconda/miniconda are self-contained, afaict16:14
pedjasetting up a local pkg-get package repo so the underlying system can be updated shouldn't be that hard16:19
nomiusThat's odd... chromium 64 was 57MBs while 65 is 47MBs... Is that because of the switch from gcc to clang?16:52
nomiusIf so, hats of for clang on reducing binaries so substancially16:52
jaegerWould take more work but certainly doable17:40
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j_vI wonder if it would make almost as much sense to have a 'mostly core' ISO: no xorg, but include bootloaders, filesystem utilities, cryptsetup, mdadm, stuff like that from opt? Just a thought.17:56
j_vsort of a 'no-frills' ISO17:57
pedjajaeger, it's one of those 'nice to have' things, so no pressure :)20:05
pedjait's doable with current ISO, with some work20:06
jaegerAnyone object if I take over opt/libxklavier?20:17
jaegerIt's one of sepen's ports20:42
jaegerRomster: regarding FS#982 (yes, it's an old one) - it's probably a violation of the EULA or ToS to host local copies of jdk/jre20:49
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Romsternomius, 65 is using more system libs23:02
Romstertrying to to use less bundled chromium libs where they work.23:02
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Romsterjaeger, regarding FS#982 i have a local mirror of files here,but eh i'll close that bug, i have since switched to openjdk23:05
Romsterj_v, any chance of applying for opt or contrib and including openjdk? also you didn't add my ccache fix to openjdk723:06
frinnstj_v has contrib access already23:08
j_vRomster: sorry about openjdk7, it was an oversight, will get it it tonight23:10
j_vAlso, I don't mind adding either or both of the openjdk ports, though I was thinking that the openjdk8 port would be the one that would be most used.23:12
j_vI need to maintain openjdk7 anyways, for bootstrapping, so it would be no extra work.23:14
j_vAfter I reboot in a fresh built kernel, I do the changes to openjdk7. If no one raises any issues before I get that fixed up, I push them before I go to sleep.23:17
Romsterj_v, i've got a rough list of your built packages up at and i do mirror your distfiles too.23:19
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Romsterah i am on openjdk8 8u151-b12-223:32
Romsterbut yeah need 7 for 8 to build. if one want's to go that path.23:32
Romster[10:19:29] <Romster> j_v, i've got a rough list of your built packages up at and i do mirror your distfiles too.23:33
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j_vnice, very cool. Thanks Romster23:34
j_vI build testing the ccache change to openjdk7 now. Will test running a few java apps with the freshly built version; if I don't see any issues at that point, will push it very soon.23:36
Romsterhave you bumped openjdk8 to 8.u162? i need to check again23:36
Romsteri also see a openjdk923:36
Romsterand how soon are we gonna see the z garbage collector in openjdk23:37
j_vopenjdk8 is at 8u161-b12, which is dictated by the icedtea build harnass. I haven't messed with trying to override that, since I'm fairly certain that would be a fiasco.23:39
Romsterah your on 8u161 i see 8u162 but my installed version is older than both.23:39
Romsterso busy with work and stuff that i've not been able to pay a lot of attention to everything.23:39
j_vI looked at openjdk9 back before Christmas. I will look into it again this weekend.23:40
Romsterdunno if it's useful yet though23:40
j_vYeah, what I ran into with openjdk9 I don't remember, was pretty busy back then and forgot about it til you reminded me.23:41
j_vIn another week and a half, will be on a job that consists of 12 hour days, 6-7 days a week; for 2-4 weeks. So will be swamped for a while.23:42
Romsterwhat is the deal with u161 and u162 anyways?23:42
Romsteri got 9am to 5:30pm 5 days a week but easter break today so 4 days off.23:43
Romsterso i finally got chromium to work23:43
Romsterbut i was messing with that for a few days already on and off.23:43
j_vWell, it couldn't have been easy, what with the change from gcc to llvm/clang.23:44
Romsterit insisted to use the bundled in version, but i was stubborn and uses out system clang23:45
j_vI like that, but suspect that must have been difficult.23:45
j_vlike the part about using system clang, i mean23:46
Romsterand gstreamer framework update it never ends23:50
j_vSeems like some stuff (upstream, I mean) is just releasing too quick23:51
Romstergstreamer doesn't update that fast it's just i let everything sit then i got so much to update.23:52
j_vAh, well, it's hard to keep up... I keep having addresses in my ck4up's turning invalid, sourceforge shakeup and instability, projects moving around, hard to stay on top23:54
Romsteryeah everyone seems to be going ot github23:56
Romsteri don't have all the time in the world like i used to23:56
j_vOh, and the u??? number for openjdk is 'u{pdate} version/revision'... I like to stick with icedtea builds, they do a lot of homework at applying fixes. They be in pretty good contact with openjdk project. Seems to me to be safest build method, though sometimes slows down updates a little.23:58

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