IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-03-31

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Romsteri see chinarulezzz has ffmpeg in his collection and i don't see any significant changes to the one in contrib. i didn't do a diff on it though.00:53
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j_vRomster: Have you tried rebuilding webkitgtk since the gstreamer and gst-plugins-* updates? I'm seeing errors with missing gstreamer-gl. I was expecting to have to adjust gst-plugins-bad, because that was the previous location of gstreamers gl stuff. But the gl code seems to have be shifted to gst-plugins-base. So by adding mesa3d as dep to gst-plugins-base, webkitgtk build successfully configures (it's03:42
j_vstill building right now). Another option might be to use '-DUSE_GSTREAMER_GL=OFF', though I that would not be my personal preference.03:42
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j_vThanks, Romster14:57
Romsteri did see that but didn't think much of it. got a commit for webkitgtk to change gst-plugins-bad to gst-plugins-base14:59
Romsterstill building i'll finish that in the morning. heading to sleep15:00
j_vStill, thanks for your attention to it. I appreciate it. Night.15:04
jaegerfrinnst, jue: any idea why the distfiles setup on was disabled? I just checked each mirror manually and reenabled it because they're all working.16:42
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