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frinnstyou can. but no need to do it00:06
frinnstI generally do a daily merge00:06
j_vOk. That had originally been how I was thinking of it, seeing how you take care of it often.00:32
j_vjaeger: Nice work on git repo integration for the portdb. It doesn't seem cause any issues for portdbc changes I've already made.01:56
j_vI am looking at adding another command that will retrieve the public key for a collection.01:57
j_vAlso, the current behaviour is to print the results for the getup command to stdout. I think saving it to file could be a good thing, so I'm looking at incorporating that, as well as a 'getpubkey' command which could also save output to file.02:00
nomiusThanks, frinnst!02:19
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Romsterjust a heads up j_v don't forget ot update the signature after you edit Pkgfile. i just fixed your openjdk8 signature03:42
Romsteri always do pkgmk -uf ; pkgmk -us before i commit03:43
nomiusRomster: please, please, please build chromium for 3.4 ;-)03:49
Romsteris it to slow for you to compile nomius03:56
nomiusYeah :-)03:56
j_vRomster, thanks. I'm usually in a pretty consistent habit of doing that; sorry I let that one get by me this time.04:02
jaegerIt happens04:08
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Romsteri've even done it04:24
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Romsteri'll get my other quadcore on crux 3.4 and start building04:42
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j_vmaraku's public key seems to have gone missing from
j_vanother portdbc-ng update:
j_vnew command 'getkey' and new option '-w' to write files (getup/getkey), won't overwrite06:51
Romsterand my key is missing on that list07:00
j_vahh, yep. thanks. I only noticed the one because it was listed but returns 404.07:09
Romstersomeone is gonna have a fit when they do ports -u07:09
Romsterbtw j_v i may need to move libproxy to opt it's one of your ports. to be able to update glib-networkingwhich i've moved to opt. i'llbe moving webkitgtk to opt shortly.07:10
j_vno problem... if you need to take it over, I don't mind. I've only been in contrib for a month or two, so probably a bit early yet to consider me for opt I expect.07:12
Romsteri dunno you seem pretty smart.07:14
j_vthanks. but to be honest, I'm in no hurry. I'm don't mind proving myself. If you guys decide you want me to step up, I don't mind that either.07:16
Romsterit isn't up to me alone but just saying i'd have no problems.07:17
j_vok, thanks. just a note, but my life is going to go pretty crazy starting in a week. will probably last for about 2-4 weeks, during which I'll be working most of the day every day. good chance to make some heavy money, which is good because I've been without a job last couple months.07:20
Romsternomius, it's running it'll take some time to finish.07:24
Romsteryeah you said that last time07:24
Romsterand i go back to work tomorrow as well07:24
j_vyep... i'll be able to hold my own fine, just i'll be away from my home for that time, so starting new stuff will be difficult till it's done.07:25
j_vgotta get some shuteye. night.07:26
Romsterthat's fine we all get busy but at least keep an eye on your emails07:26
Romstergood night07:26
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chinarul1zzz /519:24
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nomiusThank you sir!22:40
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