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frinnstits the Pkgfile that fails03:15
frinnstseems romster merged something03:16
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jaegerrestarted cruxbot, seemed stuck05:19
frinnstit tends to do that from time to time05:44
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frinnst about python2 eol07:48
jueFYI, I'll be out of town for the next 4 days, take care :)08:07
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Romsteri may have borked mesa3d in 3.4 i figured that out after i had left to work09:08
Romstersignatures are not forgiving on merges.09:08
Romsteri must not of been up to date as i had more things to merge than just mesa3d...09:11
Romsteri failed09:11
frinnstno worries, shit happens :-)09:17
frinnstjust confused since everyone else had no problems09:17
Romsterat least i didn't destroy a whole git tree :P09:18
frinnstfuckups like that are reserved for me and me alone!09:18
Romsterhmm i wonder if i can just depend on xorg-xorgproto and nuke all the xorg-proto*-32 ports in 3.4/compat-3209:24
Romsterwe need to edit pkgmk.conf for compat-32 3.4 branch export PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR="/usr/lib32/pkgconfig:/usr/share/pkgconfig/"10:31
frinnstis there a risk that a missing 32bit dep might cause some troubles? if its searching amongst 64bit libs?12:29
Romstershare/pkgconfig should be platform independent. else it would be in usr/pkgconfig12:38
RomsterPKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR="/usr/lib32/pkgconfig:/usr/share/pkgconfig/" is not looking in /usr/lib/pkgconfig12:42
Romsterthe only troubles is what we already have with libtool having a fit thinking it can use a 64bit lib on a 32bit program if a 32bit version is not on the system.12:43
frinnstyeah that was what I was thinking12:49
frinnstmight cause more work than maintaining xorg-xorgproto-3212:49
frinnstofcourse, unless you have other 32-bit ports in mind to retire12:49
Romsterjust them proto ports.12:54
Romsteri could add xorg-xorgproto-32 and stick the path to /usr/lib32/pkgconfig or make symlinks to that path maybe. but for now i'll just rely on setting PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR="/usr/lib32/pkgconfig:/usr/share/pkgconfig/"12:55
Romsterthe later feels cleaner12:55
Romsterok i am done with 3.4/compat-32 all should work. building gcc-fortran and heading to bed.14:22
pedjaRomster, how do I make boost install all the static libs it builds?14:38
pedjaadding 'static' to b2 install line? can't be that easy14:50
pedjawe'll see in a couple of hours when it builds, I guess14:52
pedjaapparently, it *is* that simple. nice15:33
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maraku_can sbc be updated to 1.3 please? fun put a ticket for it in january, but nothing's happened since then18:25
jaegerAlan doesn't seem to look at flyspray but he does respond to emails18:25
maraku_ah okay, i'll email him then18:42
maraku_thanks jaeger18:42
jaegerno problem18:44
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Romsterwhy do you need it static pedja ?22:45
pedjafor some software I was building. it's OK, I figured it out :)22:50
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