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jaegerrandom thought - maybe in 3.4 we should add a comment to fstab above the /dev/pts and /dev/shmn lines that says "don't remove these"16:45
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frinnstwanna commit it?17:38
jaegerI'm thinking "do not remove these without good reason!", does that sound reasonable?17:53
jaegeror maybe something more like "these are required for proper system operation"17:55
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pedjaisn't "/dev/shm" commented out by default in core/filesystem fstab?18:17
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pedja'MANDATORY ('man pts' and 'filesystems/tmpfs.txt' from kernel documentation for gritty details)'?18:22
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jaegerIt is commented out currently, yes. that's part of my change18:50
pedjaare proc and sys mount automagically these days (by udev), or do they still require fstab entry?19:18
j_vthose should be in /sbin/start_udev19:19
jaegerThey're mounted by /etc/rc...19:19
jaegerWe could do the same with /dev/shm and /dev/pts, I guess, not sure why the separation19:19
j_voops, or what jaeger said... I could easily have remembered wrong19:20
jaegerI know some options have changed over time like in /dev/pts so maybe it's just that they got added to fstab later? I don't recall19:21
pedjayeah, rc mounts them. adding pts and shm too is an interesting idea19:21
j_vsorry for my confusion, I was thinking of /dev19:21
jaegerall good19:22
pedjaso, what was April Fools Day prank in #crux? fake systemd commit to core?19:30
frinnstnah. jue pulled the trigger too early with the sysvinit update for that to work :)20:50
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