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jaegerHrmm... the most recent procps update seems to have broken pgrep on one system for me but it seems to work fine on another. I wonder what's up with that01:21
jaegerboth 3.301:21
jaegerdifferent kernels, though. the working one is 4.15.5, broken is 4.14.3301:21
jaegerno, I take that back; it's broken on both01:22
jaeger'ps auxww | grep sshd' vs 'pgrep -lfa sshd' for example... the latter shows nothing, the former shows matching processes01:22
jaegercan anyone else confirm?01:22
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darfoprevious and new version both work on kernel 4.9.81.
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jaegerhrmm, interesting02:48
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jaegerjue: welcome back13:16
juethanks :)13:30
deus_exjaeger, 'pgrep -lfa sshd' returns nothing here (4.14.31/procps-3.3.13)14:56
pedja'ps auxww | grep sshd' works14:57
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maraku_pgrep has broken for me as well when searching for ssh-agent (same user too!); ps -C ssh-agent works fine, however16:28
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pedja'pgrep -lfa gpg-agent' works, the same for ssh-agent doesn't. wth :)18:12
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jaegerodd indeed19:13
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funpgrep --ns 020:24
jaegeryeah, saw your email and the bug report... good times20:24
funI see supports git repos. Nice.20:31
jaegeryeah, just added that recently20:31
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Romsterwerired updated procps, works on kernel 4.9.34 but not on 4.9.8722:44
Romsterso must be some bug in either procps or kernel22:45
jaegerMay be a namespace config thing rather than a version thing, based on the changes22:45
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