IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-04-12

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juewell, our 3.4 works without issues for me14:35
juedid you run in any problems?14:36
jaegerI haven't yet, though I still want to update the kernel and just haven't had time yet. I will try to get to that after work today14:38
jaegergot a newer bootstrap for it already done14:39
frinnstall good here14:39
juefine, looks like we are ready for a rc1?14:39
jueat least almost :)14:44
juetomorrow I'll have the time to create a first version of the handbook and the ChangeLog14:45
jaegeryeah, I think we're good for an rc15:04
Romsterfrinnst, new rust version15:06
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frinnstlast I looked it was broken15:40
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jaegeroops, I forgot the fstab change I was going to add, will get that added as well21:00
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