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jueFYI, I've created initial versions of Handbook, ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes12:41
Romsterfrinnst, i dunno where you got that idea that rust 0.25.0 is broken? it's working for me and i compiled firefox 59.0.2 on crux 3.312:41
Romsterand it's running12:41
jueplease correct, improve etc. :)12:41
Romsteri did make rust use less building time if rust is already on the system.
Romstercorrection rust 1.25.0 not 0.25.012:42
Romsteri also used12:43
Romsterexport RUSTFLAGS="-Cdebuginfo=0"12:43
Romsterexport MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS="-j ${JOBS-1}"12:43
Romsternice jue12:44
frinnsthmm, I'll take another look. May have been due to llvm. dont remember offhand what the problem was12:46
Romsteri did commit some patches for llvm but i didn't build rust with system llvm that seems to cause issues.12:46
frinnsti think i tried it against llvm 512:47
Romsteri did withllvm 5 and it failed, i didn't try it against llvm 6.12:47
Romsterdo note this is on crux 3.3 i haven't moved to 3.4 yet and i don't see that as a issue to break it.12:56
chinarulezzzIn Changelog core/elfutils was written twice :)14:33
juethanks, is fixed now14:59
jaegerI see some 3.3 references in releasenotes15:17
jaegertoolchain and xorg sections15:18
jaegerI guess I could just fix those, heh15:33
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jaegerOK, I've got an rc1 built, will upload19:16
jaegeruploaded to
juejaeger: great, will test tomorrow20:15
jaegercool :)20:49
nomius_sed 's:3.3:3.4:g' releasenotes21:12
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