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jaegerThe changelog isn't pulled yet on rc1 but I'm not worried about that since we'll have to update the date anyway00:25
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jaegergood time for me to sync up my local changes for the 3.4 ISO00:30
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Romsterjaeger, have you even put the torrent tracker Pkgfile in opt ?00:47
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jaegerDo you mean the one running on
Romsteryes jaeger00:51
jaegerIf so, no... I don't use it anywhere else so haven't felt the need00:51
Romsteri'd like to run it on my host for the distfiles, eh is it in your person collection or somewhere i can grab it from then? or i can recrate it, you said ages ago you'd put it up :)00:52
jaegerSorry, forgot about it. I'll put it into contrib00:54
Romsteram i missing anything for crux 3.4 ?01:00
Romsteri know elfutils are in core now01:01
jaegerfewer xorg deps01:05
Romsteroh yeah what do i do with the new xorg-xorgproto for compat-32? i currently have rmoeved the other proto deps and added export PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR="/usr/lib32/pkgconfig:/usr/share/pkgconfig/" to pkgmk.conf01:07
Romsterthat needs to be in pkgmk.conf or should i just add a xorg-xorgproto-32 that sticks the same files in the lib32 path?01:08
jaegerThe latter sounds more consistent with the rest of compat-3201:08
Romsterokay i'll make the change to xorg-xorgproto-3201:10
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j_vgdk-pixbuf update removed libtiff from depends, build fails looking for libtiff14:31
Romstergoing through the ports now building stuff14:33
Romsterok that was frinnsts doing not mine...14:35
Romsterwhat was the reason for that frinnst ?14:36
j_vlibtiff can be disabled with --without-libtiff option to configure, though unsure if that will break anything later14:37
Romsterwhat even uses tiff these days? isn't it a dying format14:43
j_vcould be. probably disabling wouldn't hurt anything and if it did, easy enough to add back.14:45
Romsteri'll wait for frinnst to comment alter etc. because this will affect gdk-pixbuf-3214:49
Romsterand any thing else that needs libtiff / libtiff-3214:49
j_vno rush. i'm just trying to do some updates before I go back to big that big job i'm just started.14:52
j_vlaptop hdd took a shit and have one on order, but going back to job tomorrow afternoon... might not be back for 3-4 weeks14:53
j_v7 days a week, 12+ hours a day so wouldn't have much free time anyways.14:54
Romsterworks been busy for me this is the first weekend i felt like doing a bunch of crux stuff.15:02
chinarulezzzHi all,15:02
Romsterhi chinarulezzz15:02
chinarulezzzIs there a way to fix fluxspray's RSS title15:03
chinarulezzz<title>Flyspray:: </title>15:03
Romsteri dunno have to ask the ones that work on the server, and they read in here so15:03
chinarulezzzAlso in no contrib RSS15:03
chinarulezzzThis confuses some RSS readers that can't rename the title.15:05
Romsteri am guessing there is a varaible that is not set after the ::15:13
Romsterso tired going to sleep15:44
Romsternearly 2am15:45
jaegerpushed a 3.4 branch to the iso repo17:14
nomiusllvm 5 -> what's need to be recompiled besides mesa3d?17:43
frinnstodd, im 99.999% sure i added --without-libtiff17:44
frinnstoh well, fix incoming17:44
j_vfrinnst: also, gdk-pixbuf.loaders still contains libtiff loader stuff17:50
frinnstshould do a post-install for it I guess17:51
j_vhmmm, the man page for gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders just has:
j_vahhh, what a pain... man generation requires docbook17:58
j_vgtk-doc is evil18:39
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j_vfrinnst: is it worth adding prebuilt manpages to gdk-pixbuf? I have built them using xsltproc. If you think it's worth it, I can spin up a patch for it.19:14
nomiusbrrr, sorry, lost part of the sentense...20:18
nomiusllvm 5 -> 6 what's need to be recompiled besides mesa3d?20:18
john_cephalopodanomius: clang and llvm-32.20:40
john_cephalopodaMaybe more or less, check it with "prt-get dependent llvm"20:40
j_vone possibility (warning, this will take a long time and may rebuild things that are not actually linked against llvm libs): for p in $(prt-get dependent --all --recursive llvm); do if prt-get isinst $p >/dev/null 2>&1; then prt-get update -fr $p; fi; done20:59
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