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Romsternomius, check with revdep00:05
Romsterusually mesa3d and llvm-32 and mesa3d-3200:05
Romsterif you use any 32bit stuff00:05
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Romsterconfigure: WARNING: *** JPEG loader will not be built (JPEG library not found) ***01:27
Romsterconfigure: error:01:27
Romster*** Checks for JPEG loader failed. You can build without it by passing01:27
Romster*** --without-libjpeg to configure but some programs using GTK+ may01:27
Romster*** not work properly01:27
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/gdk-pixbuf/gdk-pixbuf#2.36.12-2.pkg.tar.xz' failed.01:27
Romster# prt-get deptree libtiff01:27
Romster-- dependencies ([i] = installed, '-->' = seen before)01:27
Romster[ ] libtiff01:27
Romster[ ]   libjpeg-turbo01:27
Romster[i]   zlib01:27
Romsteryou need to add libjpeg-turbo to gdk-pixbuf01:27
Romsterdo you not test your ports frinnst01:27
Romsterand the loader cache is old..01:34
Romster-# Created by gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders from gdk-pixbuf-2.36.1201:34
Romster+# Created by gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders from gdk-pixbuf-2.32.101:34
Romsterand it hasn't got librsvg as a dependency01:40
Romsterlibrsvg blocker is for the new pixbuf loader API, you lose icons otherwise01:40
Romsterand adding librsvg to gdk-pixbuf creates a cyclic dependency loop01:47
Romsteror not needed seems like a very old comment found that is no longer necessary01:59
frinnstno I suck and am hopeless02:08
frinnsti bow to your excellence02:08
Romstersarcasm <_<02:19
Romsteri know you know better.02:19
Romsteri fixed it for you feel free to review and alter if you don't like the changes02:19
Romsterjaeger, you may want to pull 3.4 again for the iso, gdk-pibfuf would of been broken otherwise.02:22
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jaegergood times04:28
jueRomster: why is gdk-pixbuf from the rc1 ISO broken?09:19
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Romsterthe fuck10:46
Romsterwhy are they world writable.10:46
john_cephalopodaA whole new world writableeee, a new fantastic point of view ♪10:47
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Romsteri was saying it might be if it was taken after gdk-pixbug had ligtiff removed and before libjpeg-turbo added. also the cache was behind.10:55
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Romstergit fetch takes forever on opt contrib but on compat-32 it is fast11:00
Romstershould i be using port 2222 and not 22 or is it something else?11:00
Romsternote to self i need to also put in a check for prtverify11:02
Romsteri check dependencies conflicting files and i forget the permissions11:03
Romsteri'll bbl updates and other maintenance11:07
pedjawhy was libtiff removed as a gdk-pixbuf dependency? issues with it building on 3.4 or?11:23
pedjaTIFF is hardly a 'dying' format, it's used all over the place (GIS, astronomy and other science stuff)11:26
pedjaand no other distribution, afaict, is disabling it, so I am curious11:28
juejaeger: rc1 works fine for me, did an update and a fresh install, no problems at all12:36
jueonly one minor thing: after setup-chroot we cannot call init because /run is not mounted in the chroot and therefor init cannot find it's FIFO12:37
juenot a issue, but you must first exit the chroot to restart the system12:38
jueI'd suggest to mount /run in setup-chroot as well12:39
juepedja: no, we have no issues building libtiff on 3.412:53
pedjajue, OK, so there is another reason for removing it from gdk-pixbuf dependencies then. good to know that it builds on 3.4 :)12:56
jaegerIt's no problem to add /run to the setup-chroot13:29
jaegernever ran into that because I've never tried to reboot from inside the chroot13:29
juejaeger: has always worked but the new sysvinit changed the location of it's FIFO from /dev to /run14:02
jaegermakes sense, just never occurred to me to try it :)14:04
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