IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-04-16

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juejaeger: do you mind to write a announcement for rc1?17:40
jaegernot at all, though work is very busy today so it may be a while18:45
jaegerRomster: in a fresh rc1 install I saw that python3 was linked against libtirpc but doesn't depend on it19:03
jaegeralso saw the aforementioned gdk-pixbuf issue and firefox consequently shows up missing libjpeg19:04
jaegerI see that romster added libjpeg-turbo to gdk-pixbuf after but are we leaving libtiff out or readding it?19:22
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jaegerjue, frinnst, teK_: sent you a draft for an RC announcement22:46
jaegerjue: I forgot the part about /run in the chroot in the draft, will add that22:49
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