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Worksterjaeger, frinnst removed libtff on;a=commitdiff;h=f5a1ebf3710063175ff3de640a91d662e16a2024 with no commit message stating libtiff was removed, so i even had no idea until recently when someone mentioned something about gdk-pixbuf or i found it wont build due to missing libjpeg-turbo that is a dependency of libtiff. so i went ahead and fixed gdk-pixbuf with libjpeg-turbo, fixed the mentioned man pages00:15
Worksterbeing blank without gtk-doc, they just had a note saying ot --enable-man in the man pages. so i removed them if they are small files.00:15
jaegeryeah, I know what happened, I was here :P00:15
Worksterand fixed the gdk-pixbuf.loaders which inoticed hasn't been updated in ages, but i don't know the reason for libtiff removal. i just fixed the aftermath mess.00:15
jaeger as pedja mentioned, tiff doesn't seem to be a dying format, so I'm thinking we might want to readd it... but there's no rush, waiting to hear frinnst's opinion00:16
Worksteralso wondering what are we dong with librsvg it's unmaintained but it appears not many ports depend on it?00:16
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jaegerI might take it, MATE uses it00:17
Worksteri thought it was rather odd to remove libtiff as i think it's still widely used as you said.00:17
Worksteras for that dependency on python3 looking at that00:17
jaegerI don't know what tirpc specifically adds for python but it is on the ISO so can go eitthe way with the dep, I guess... add it or disable it00:19
Worksterme nether looking into what it does00:37
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nomiustiff loader was left in gdk-pixbuf.loaders when --without-libtiff was used in Pkgfile02:39
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frinnstfeel free to revert06:52
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Romsterbah so now the cache is out of date the man pages are back with no content in them and now i have to fix compat-32 gdk-pixbuf-32 back... later... off to table tennis08:56
frinnstits like the world is ending, eh?09:00
frinnstI know you feel this is all super important but my time and engery is currently somewhat limited. and bitching about trivial stuff like this is making my blood boil09:02
frinnstI know you dont mean anything by it, and there are no ill intentions09:02
frinnstbut still, pisses me off :-)09:02
frinnstso, just ignore me for now09:03
frinnstI guess im having my period or something09:03
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pedjafrinnst, you OK?12:40
Romstersorry frinnst i didn't mean to offend.12:47
Romsterjust made me a little frustrated was all. sounds like you need a holiday frinnst.12:48
Romsterit's not super important but i feel we have to supply a level of quality as others use this stuff as well. we have a big responsibility here. we all know this.12:49
Romsterand it's also just a hobby that we enjoy doing. i don't mean to piss anyone off. if venting a little is gonna make your blood boil i'll just keep quiet.12:50
Romsteri think stress is getting to frinnst and i was the icing on the cake :/12:51
frinnstIm fine and I know - i'm sorry13:01
frinnstsome post-winter blues I guess13:02
Romsterif you need hugs or space or what ever let us know13:03
Romsterwe do value your input here.13:03
Romsteri don't want this to turn sour.13:04
Romsteris it okay if i apply the man page removal and update/regenerate the pixbuf cache frinnst ?13:05
frinnstafk, work13:06
Romstertake care at work frinnst13:06
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Romstertime for sleeps14:15
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pedjalibrsvg depends on rust? well fuck14:49
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jaegerrc1 announcement sent18:44
jaegerand I'm a dumbass who forgot to fix the subject line18:46
jaegerI see gdk-pixbuf was updated again, cool. Romster, did you decide about python3? If not, no rush. Just curious19:20
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jaegerwoot! my $10.5M USD inheritance has been approved!21:22
jaegerI'd better give them all my details21:22
pedjaremember us peasants while you drink single malt from the designer shoe of your supermodel girlfriend21:24
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jaegerinteresting, anyone else run into a problem building the current core/file with fakeroot?23:10
jaegermake[2]: *** [Makefile:764: magic.mgc] Bad system call23:11
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frinnstworks for me on 3.423:58

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