IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-04-19

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pedjais it OK to trim the CVE-2018-1000156 patch for patch if it touches (adds a test case), which requires rerunning?12:59
pedjarerunning automake*12:59
pedjapatch port isn't running 'make test' anyway13:00
pedjait's this one
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pedjajaeger, I must apologize, file-5.33 fails to build for me too, with the same error you got. 5.32 builds fine with fakeroot15:24
jaegerNo worries, glad it can be reproduced15:32
pedjajaeger, do you have libseccomp installed, by any chance?15:58
jaegerOn that system, yes (docker host)16:44
pedja5.33 is using it for sandboxing. loading is the only difference I could find between 5.32 and 5.33 for that line that breaks16:55
pedjaI guess that's a fakeroot bug?17:01
pedjaseccomp profile doing its job :)17:03
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jaegerMaybe so17:44
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