IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-04-23

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jueWRT file: I don't think that a core port like file should occasionaly link against libseccomp, I'd suggest to disable seccomp, objections?10:47
pedjajue, any thoughts on fs#1647?10:54
jueno, didn't had the time to look at10:56
juebut will do10:56
pedjapatch is a bit hacky, as explained in the bug :)10:57
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jaegerno objections here13:34
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jaegerI've started a bootstrap for an rc2 since there were a few issues with rc1 - though with that said, I've not received any more bug reports for rc1 so that seems promising19:56
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frinnstcool cool. lets get it out the door asap21:27
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