IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-04-25

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frinnstare you rolling a rc2 jaeger?20:47
frinnstI have 2 more machines to upgrade i think20:47
jaegerthe bootstrap is done, I can upload tonight20:57
frinnstbtw did ffmpeg 4 break html5 video in our firefox?20:57
frinnsthavent had time to test it yet20:57
jaegerno idea there, I use binary ff20:57
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jaegerholy crap... the "MATE Desktop" group in Fedora 27 installs 1080 packages after a minimal install22:01
pedjaI guess they, like openSUSE, split the hell out of software :)22:13
pedjajaeger, they too have a concept of 'metapackages' ('patterns' in oSuse)?22:16
jaegerI'd consider that groups, though maybe I'm not understanding what you mean22:17
pedjayes, groups22:17
pedjasome of them are '...and a kitchen sink' :)22:19
pedjaiirc, 'recommended packages' is the default on openSUSE22:20
pedjawhich was always weird to me, but apparently there is a reasoning behind it22:21
pedjaeasier to test, I guess, when you know that all packages have all the dependencies, mandatory and optional22:23
pedjaI usually start with network install ISO, and then add piece by piece what I need/want. works fine so far22:25
jaegerThat's what I did here... need to figure out how to configure X after installing the MATE group but I don't have time to right now22:26
pedjawhat do you mean by 'configure X'?22:28
jaegerIt's installed but won't start properly22:28
jaegerGot to go for a bit. There's an rc2 ISO uploading to right now, ETA 9 mins22:28
jaegerIf someone wants to announce it, go ahead, otherwise I'll write one later22:29
pedjaI diverged from vanilla Crux just enough to make an update to 3.4...interesting...22:31
frinnstgoing to bed :)22:44
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