IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-04-26

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frinnstjue: thoughts about adding your exfat port to opt/contrib?10:09
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juefrinnst: yeah, seems important nowadays, all big SD cards are using exfat12:31
juewill add it to opt12:31
frinnstRomster: thoughts on ffmpeg? 4.0 seems to break a lot of stuff13:13
john_cephalopodaACTION instantly updates ffmpeg because he loves breakage of everything13:14
john_cephalopodaa2x: ERROR: "xmllint" --nonet --noout --valid "/usr/ports/contrib/asciidoc/work/src/asciidoc-8.6.10/doc/asciidoc.1.xml" returned non-zero exit status 413:20
john_cephalopodaAnybody gets this error when compiling asciidoc?13:20
frinnstfuck asciidoc and all the xml crap13:23
john_cephalopodaHuh, looks like nothing depends on it. Why did I even install it?13:25
frinnstto generate man pages for non-bootstrapped ports?13:25
frinnstbtrfs-progs didnt come with man-pages for a long time. I had to manually generate them with each release13:26
jaegeri3 seems like another good candidate for contrib, there are 7 duplicates of it in various repos13:39
john_cephalopodaHeh, yeah.13:56
john_cephalopodaI got all dependencies in relatively recent versions in my repo.13:57
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juejaeger: thanks for rc2, just downloaded :)16:01
juewill try to test it tomorrow16:01
frinnstwill test an upgrade soon'ish16:23
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frinnstcouple of broken (perl related) ports after upgrade, nothing unexpected16:42
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jaegerThink we need more conditional dep injects on upgrade... libtirpc, mpdecimal, fribidi, python3, ninja, meson, rust, libinput18:06
jaegerwill try to investigate that soon18:06
pedjaany plans to switch to consolekit2?18:18
pedjayes, I know, you are not fans of all *kit clusterfuck :)18:19
jaegerhaven't checked it out yet, is consolekit unmaintained/deprecated?18:42
juejaeger: yep, we forgot to update our TODO34, most noticable libxcb which depends on libinput which in turn pulls in ninja, meson and python319:15
jueupdated TODO34 with that19:21
pedjajaeger, consolekit is dead upstream, consolekit2 is a backward compatible fork. well, at least I had no issues with it so far :)19:28
pedjapolkit has updated its spidermonkey dependency, so now it no longer requires an ancient version of it19:34
pedjathe insanity of depending on javascript is still there, sadly19:35
juefor what do you need polkit?19:36
jueah, I see, guess you are using opt/consolekit which depends on polkit, the port from frinnst does not19:42
frinnstmarked my stuff as done19:53
pedjajue, libvirt depends on polkit, so I might as well build consolekit with it :)19:56
pedjaanother everybody's favorite software. what happened with opt/pulseuadio update? it's still at 10.x?19:58
jaegerjue: yeah... pango needs fribidi and firefox rust, too21:23
john_cephalopodaDoes anybody even use pa?21:26
john_cephalopodaI got apulse installed and didn't have any issues since :รพ21:26
jaegerIf nobody used it, a port wouldn't exist for it21:28
john_cephalopodaI don't use two or three ports of the ones I got in my repo.21:29
john_cephalopodaAnd I only got 21. Most of them kframework stuff so I can run krita when using the 6c37 repo.21:30
jaegerjue: I'll hold off on rc2 for a bit for those21:41
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frinnstI use pa these days22:27
frinnstthats why there's a firefox-pa port :)22:27
jaegerI use pa as well22:34
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pedjaI sometimes wonder is the animosity towards pa based on an actual bad experience with it or is just jumping on the hate bandwagon :)22:44
jaegerSome of both, I'm sure22:52
jaegerI had some bad experiences with it years ago and didn't like it, myself22:52
pedjaI was sceptical myself, reading all the horror stories about it before I tried it22:57
pedja18, or so, months ago22:57
pedjabut, I was fed up with constant Firefox breakage and couldn't figure out the dark magic to configure alsa properly, so it was 'fuck it, how bad can it be?' :)22:59
pedjato my surprise, it just worked23:00
pedjagranted, I have a very simple setup23:00
jaegerok, so it appears that the btrfs-progs, gdk-pixbuf, and pango additional deps are already added in 3.323:13
jaegerso setup-helper only needs to add the firefox and xorg-libxcb deps23:13
jaegerwhich are rust and libinput/meson/ninja/python3/libtirpc/mpdecimal respectively23:13
jaegeractually, it looks like the xorg-libxcb one is done in 3.3 as well23:15
jaegerSo only rust for firefox is needed23:15
jaegerno, I'm still missing something23:16
jaegerpython3, ninja, and meson are in xorg-libxcb's deps on 3.323:16
jaegerlibtirpc and mpdecimal are not23:16
jaegerbut those are python3 deps, not xorg-libxcb23:18
jaegeralso, xorg-xset still builds against xorg-libxxf86misc if it's available, should we just make xorg-xset depend on it?23:59
jaegerthat's been around for a long time23:59

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