IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-04-27

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frinnstwhat functionality does it provide? Can we disable libxxf86misc without too much trouble?07:33
frinnstI dont think we will miss anything by disabling it07:35
frinnstgranted im only using xset for keyboard repeat and mouse sensitivity07:37
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jueFYI, unexpectedly I have to leave town until next Tuesday, I'll try to be online from time to time11:11
juetake care :)11:11
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pedjaskipping town on short notice? hmmm11:16
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frinnstjue is an international hitman. he has to go where the jobs are!11:38
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pedjaspeaking of international hitman, check out 'Killing Eve'12:08
pedjafrinnst, so he is developer by day, spook by night? cool12:14
frinnstsaw 3 episodes12:29
frinnstok, but didnt tickle me. not yet anyways12:29
pedjait should get interesting after that latest episode, I think12:33
pedjathey already got picked up for S212:34
jaegerfrinnst: no preference, disabling is fine13:32
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