IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-04-28

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Romsterfrinnst, i've added ffmpeg301:14
frinnstcool, thanks01:16
RomsterBuilding '/usr/ports/contrib/asciidoc/asciidoc#8.6.10-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded01:17
Romsterworks for me john_cephalopoda, you probably have crap in /etc/xml/ tyr regmerge, re-running the post-install on docbook-{xml,xsl}01:19
frinnstCVE-2018-6621.patch is missing from ffmpeg301:20
Romsterah crud01:26
Romsteri rarely ever miss that01:27
Romsteralso i did see a patch in arch for firefox to use ffmpeg version 401:28
nomiusDoes gdb compiles for you?01:28
frinnstyeah I got a patch01:29
Romsterit'll soon switch to ffmpeg 4 on firefox 61 anyways01:30
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jaegeruploaded an rc2 with the injects fixed21:04
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jaegerAnyone object to adding --without-xf86misc to xorg/xorg-xset?21:36
frinnstI use xset to set keyboard repeat and mouse sensitivity, that both work so Im happy :)22:11
frinnstno = go ahead and add it :)22:11
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jaegerok. And jue didn't object when you suggested it earlier so I'll go ahead and do that23:02

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