IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-05-02

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juesorry to say, but I haven't done anything with crux the last days17:18
jueparticularly no rc2 testing, nothing else17:19
juebut today I've had a bit time, some port updates will come17:20
juefrinnst: guess you are running mesa 18?17:21
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jaegerI'm pretty happy with where we are so far18:35
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juejaeger: same here, rc2 works great for me18:51
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juejaeger: are there any reasons to hold back a rc2 announcement?19:01
pitillohey, do you have a changelog for 3.4 (draft)?19:27
juesure, a first version is here ->;a=blob;f=ChangeLog19:34
pitilloomg... I had completely forgotten to review git, my bad. Thanks jue19:39
jaegerjue: None of which I can think19:53
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juejaeger: good, would you mind writing one?20:35
jaegerNo, I can do that this evening20:36
juegreat, thanks :)20:37
frinnstjue: no, i've been lagging a bit the recent months. vacation days are coming and after a recharge i'll be at the forefront again :)20:52
pedjaare you interested in gimp update to 2.10?21:00
pedjait has a few more dependencies, though21:01
pedjawhat's the state of opencl in mesa, btw?21:05
pedjaor is it provided by some other library for AMD cards?21:06
pedjaI am asking because I couldn't make gegl/gimp build against Nvidia's one21:06
frinnstwell, doesnt break abi atleast21:07
frinnst(mesa3d 18 that is)21:07
pedjais xorg-1.20 anywhere near release?21:07
frinnstits in its rc status21:08
pedjait would be cool if 3.4 ships with a working glvnd :) (without using git snapshots for xorg)21:09
frinnst1.19.9993 or something21:09
pedja396.x nvidia series, currently beta, should support xorg-1.20 on release.21:10
pedjanot that you care :)21:11
frinnstnot really, no :)21:12
pedjafrinnst, is AMD-DC stable yet for you? any crashes recently?21:13
frinnstI have it disabled for now. the crashes were getting boring21:14
pedjait should be enabled by default for non-Vega cards in 4.17, right?21:15
frinnstdunno, havent tried any rcs yet21:15
pedjaI wonder how long until Linus decides it's time for 5.021:17
frinnstthey should switch to year.month based versioning or something already21:22
frinnstit would be easier for them to shame people running old kernels then, too21:22
jaegerrc2 announcement sent21:22
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