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pedjafrinnst, you might want to add '--enable-freetype-config' to freetype port14:47
pedjaas a backward compatibility thing, I am not sure how many, if any, apps/libs still use freetype-config instead of pkg-config14:50
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pitilloI've hit a problem cross-building eudev which depends in blkid.h so it should depend on util-linux and not util-linux depending on eudev, how it's currently (not sure if this is right for a normal build instead of cross)17:24
juehmm, locks like we have a circular dependency here ...17:29
jueat least finddeps tells me17:29
pitilloit's possible, since eudev is installed in CRUX 3.4 host and util-linux was built right, but not the oposite while looking for the blkid headers17:31
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juepitillo: you can build eudev with --disable-blkid, but I don't know what impact this has actually17:52
jueFYI, once again I'll be more or less offline for some days, not sure if I find the time to do some crux work17:56
juehope we will get out 3.4 soon anyway17:57
juebtw, I've tagged our repos with rc1 resp. rc2, so it should be easy to see what have been changed since them17:59
pitillojue: since the host has eudev, it cross build fine after util-linux is cross built and installed in the sysroot (safest way IMHO)18:02
jaegerI think 3.4 is looking pretty decent so far. Not getting negative feedback from the RCs at least18:17
john_cephalopodaNice. Does nano work this time? ;)18:21
jueyeah, 3.4 looks very well18:31
jueif nothing strange happens, it might be possible to do the final release end of next week?18:32
jaegerI would think so. Any objections to me rolling one more bootstrap before the release to get the latest package updates in?18:32
jaegerI don't think anything else needs to change with respect to the ISO or setup-helper, etc.18:33
jueno objections, that's fine for me18:33
pitilloseems iproute2 depends on libelf19:00
pitillobpf.c:27:10: fatal error: libelf.h: No such file or directory19:00
jaegerelfutils got moved into core19:00
pitillosince it's in core, there is no need to put in the depends line?19:01
pitilloright jaeger, asking because it depends on libcap but I don't understand the runtime/buildtime dependencies show19:02
jaegerAh. Not sure, do we have an official stance on that? I know it's come up before but I admit I don't recall19:06
jaegerI generally assume everything in core is installed, though19:06
pitilloI remember something like runtime/buildtime deps, but may be I'm wrong. Since all is in core, shouldn't be there dependencies to core ports and there are, probably to cover runtime deps19:10
jueiproute2 should not link against libelf, see the sed in the Pkgfile20:16
juewhich seems to work here, finddeps shows only the listed deps20:18
juebut now we have elfutils in core and it wouldn't hurt if iproute2 links against it?20:29
jaegerI wonder if we shouldn't sometime prune core a bit more20:29
jaegerlike bin86 and lilo, for example20:30
jaegerIt's nice to have bootloaders on the ISO, definitely, but in my opinion they don't fit in core20:30
jaegerNot a big deal, just something I've thought about occasionally20:31
juewell, sounds like a plan :)20:33
juewe should possibly start a TODO3520:34
jaegerbootloaders are just the example that popped into my head because they're a) subjective preference and b) situational20:34
jaegerfor example, lilo is useless for UEFI booting20:34
jaegergrub2-efi is useless for BIOS booting, etc.20:34
jueyep, that's right20:35
jueanyway, going to sleep now20:36
juegood night and take care :)20:36
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frinnstpedja, yeah I read the changelog. let me know if you come across anything that needs it22:21
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frinnstwhat does *not* use gallium in mesa these days?23:12
frinnst--enable-gallium-osmesa does not coexist with --enable-osmesa23:13
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