IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-05-05

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joahimI'd like to build fresh PowerPC version of crux14:17
joahimWho should I talk to?14:17
frinnst#crux-devel :-)14:23
frinnstall sources are in our repos, so it should be pretty straight forward14:23
frinnsteasiest is probably do use some other ppc distribution to bootstrap it from14:24
frinnstpitillo is doing the arm builds and jaeger does our iso builds. so just ask away if you have any questions14:25
frinnst#crux-arm might also be useful for cross-compile or x86_64 issues you might encounter and need help to get past14:27
joahimhow far is the whole process automated?14:55
joahimare there any scripts f.e. to build packages in the right order?14:55
frinnstits all in here:;a=summary14:56
frinnstthe bootstrap builds everything in 3 stages14:57
joahimfrinnst: thx15:06
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