IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-05-09

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frinnstseems i fucked up the signature for firefox-60-pa07:43
frinnstor maybe not actually07:43
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jaegerfrinnst: I'm getting the "this platform lacks a functioning sem_open implementation" error when trying to build firefox 60.0 on the 3.4 build box, have you run into that?14:04
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jaegerok, maybe rebuilding python packages fixed it? Will see14:33
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jaegeryes, that fixed it. sorry for the noise15:17
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prologicRomster: fuxed?16:18
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frinnstjaeger: or doing the umount && mount of /dev/shm thing20:03
frinnstprologic: yeah works again20:04
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jaegerfrinnst: that was the first thing I tried, it didn't help20:58
jaegersecond was a reboot, which also didn't help20:58
jaegerthird was rebuilding python which did20:58
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frinnsti think i've had that once or twice too, where only a rebuild resolved it21:49
frinnststill dont understand the cause21:50
pitillohey, just curious about time port. We are removing /usr/share and letting in the system /usr/info. Is this right or should be changed s/share/info ?22:36
pitilloummmm I'm just reviewing on X86, sorry... this happened on ARM22:37
pitillomy bad, it's something related directly to the cross build. Sorry for the noise22:38
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